By Anonymous - 18/07/2013 09:29 - Canada - Cornwall

Today, my pre-teen brother has started using the entire Axe line because he believes that it will give him an "edge with the ladies". He insists on using the products at least three times a day, including before bedtime. I'm allergic to anything that is perfumed. We share a room. FML
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McNikk 15

Axe him to stop.

Ugh.. I wish guys didn't think using a shitload of Axe makes them smell good.


You could say that is a ... stinky situation

That was pretty bad....

Where did the shit puns on FML come from lately? Where is this secret society?

23 They call themselves the PPP: Pretty Pathetic Punners

The puns have always been here and I'll take shitty puns over, "FIRST!!" any day.

40 - Personally I like the smell of it, but most males I have come in contact with basically bathe in it and make the smell overpowering and sickening. With perfumes: less is more.

I think I love you

perdix 29

And one of the symptoms of your allergy is "incestuous thoughts or actions?" That's what the Axe ads would have you believe.

liblob 6

can some one please tell me where it says op is a girl?

ArtinHopar 16

Next to her username.

liblob 6

all it says is anoymous..

That little symbol, looks like a circle with a stick pointing down, next to anonymous means female. The other one looking like an arrow is for males. :) "Now you know!!"

Incest is best.

MerrikBarbarian 9

Kick him out of the room? If he refuses you can learn all sorts of great things online like how to throw a lasso and hog tie someone. Not that I would ever need to look such things up... *looks innocent*

I reckon. It's amazing how inconsiderate some people are, especially to family. I know if my sibling was allergic to something, there'd be no way I would've been allowed to buy it (not that I'd want to anyway if I found out they were allergic).

Ugh.. I wish guys didn't think using a shitload of Axe makes them smell good.

summerguy97 16

Wow! Axe helped me pick up all these girls! Said no one ever.

Allornone 35

We all wish that

etoilenuit 15

If douchebag were a smell it would be axe. Bleh!

Old Spice is where it's at. I actually don't know how Old Spice smells like. O.S > Axe commercials.

My grandad uses Old Spice, it's actually quite nice. It's more of a "mature" mans cologne though.

I use Old Spice despite the rest of my football team's use of Axe. They spray it on everything they can and the locker room smells like every scent mixed together. Axe is most likely a great product, but a little bit of Axe goes a long way. Most guys "spray that sh!t on everything!"

I'm a guy and I agree with this. And girls shouldn't use a shitload of perfume.

McNikk 15

Axe him to stop.

RedPillSucks 31

Axe him until he stops.

28 Why did you just say pretty much the same thing as the comment you replied to?

aurynforever 14

47 - because the first guy meant ask. The second guy meant 'axe him'. Like with an actual axe.

I can see "Axe bombs" in the near future...

Wizardo 33

Go all Jason X on his ass and show him the real Axe effect, while you scare the crap out of him with a real axe... you'd be surprised with the results.

McNikk 15

Axe him to stop.

Obey_StudBoii 23

Quit trying to post the same comment twice. We get your point.

McNikk 15

Sorry. It was a mistake. My connection is wierd.

Invite him to chop wood in the backyard. Oh wait...not that Axe... the worse kind o.O Your bro is a bitch.

McNikk 15

Axe him to stop.

Obey_StudBoii 23

You're an idiot for posting the same comment 3 times.

11- Yay, hat trick! :D Wanna go for a forth? ;)

I don't know about anyone else... I don't think Axe smells good at all.

Wowxoxo 17

The Phoenix scent smells good..

CharresBarkrey 15

It all smells like shaving cream to me personally.

I don't know how Phoenix smells. My boyfriend said he rather use female deodorants or body sprays. If he had to choose something from Axe it would be Kilo.