By VCDUDE11FTW - 25/12/2014 09:13 - United States - Lewis Center

Today, my brother and I woke up early to get a sneak peek at our Christmas presents. We found our parents having sex on the couch. FML
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Maybe they were trying to give you a little brother for Christmas?

Someone was still getting their stocking stuffed by Santa.


JMichael 25

Tis the season!

Or "You little hoe hoe hoe" if Santa likes to talk dirty

anonymous100000 17

did you tell them you saw? I would make them feel embarrassed and have a rule in place to not have sex in the open. especially with you home.

It is the parents house they pay the mortgage so they can do as they please. If the children are over age they should just move out or be more cautious

Just because its your house doesnt mean you can have sex where ever you please. Especially if you have other people living with you. And plus it is extremely hard to just "move out".

41 - im pretty sure its illegal to have sex in front of children because thats really pervy (if intentional) and its likly theyre too young to move out, so i think youre wrong...

Maybe they were trying to give you a little brother for Christmas?

"Well, can dad flip mom over and do it doggy style because I'd rather have a puppy!"

I heard Santa was real good at stuffing stockings...

Spreading the Christmas magic and miracle, obviously.

They need to unwrap presents too!

Pretty bad planning there.. If they wanted to give one for Christmas, they should have started around March..

I'm just glad they didn't see Mommy kissing Santa Claus.

Being out the brain bleach

They didn't account for shipping then


hugozac88 22

SURPRISE!! Mother fuckers!! Lmao

Santa had a little distraction...

Merry xxxmas

Someone was still getting their stocking stuffed by Santa.

Manosapo 18

The gift of Giving

My opinion on the comment: So is this that big gift that they were told about the past 3 weeks...? My opinion on the FML: On the one hand, they deserved it because they went snooping. On the other hand, you'd think the parents would choose a better time to have sex...aka when the kids aren't home. Overall, it's a tie. So, I press both buttons. YDIFML

I was about to vote YDI but then I read the last sentence.

cadillacgal79 32

As if you've never been curious what's under your tree.

its a sexy start...