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not your abs pip-squeak. and sorry for bein a dick, it's just that your comment was lame as fuck for the moment. I'm gonna go comment on your other retarded comments, hahaha this means war!


idk I made fun of "skinny" up there, people that don't know WTF they're talking about are trying to back him up, mostly Canadians, and I like to make peoples lives as miserable as I can, because it's funny, and now it's all gone too far


213- what's as annoying as a 5 year old? the last thing I said wasn't an opinion. you're so fucking irritating and stupid it's unbelievable. I tried to stop this is just retarded bullshit and you won't shut up. I enjoy watching little pricks like you try stand up for himself just to see how pathetic you actually are. I swear to god I'm done after this, I got better shit to do then argue with some kid, like masturbating.

  VitaLp  |  14

220 - The sad thing is, that douche will never admit you won.
Oh, and skinny boy, you don't have abs. Anyone can see your muscles when you're skin and bones, you're not all that special hey.


Seeing your boyfriend cheat on me with my own BROTHER makes me really want to have a threesome with my (hopefully ex) and brother too. The people writing threesome comments are such idiots.