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Today, I got back from vacation and walked in on my boyfriend and my brother in my bed. FML
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Yikes! Bet you never saw THAT coming! FYL indeed!


So does her brother.

boyfriend got lonely so he went with the next best option lol

hmmm yeaaa, cus you're attracting soo many girls with that manly picture of yours

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maybe he was just gay for pay? OPs brother could have offered a hefty sum

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Pics or it didn't happen. Haha totally kidding...

not your abs pip-squeak. and sorry for bein a dick, it's just that your comment was lame as **** for the moment. I'm gonna go comment on your other retarded comments, hahaha this means war!

57 abs? have you ever look at yourself in the mirror? oh yeaaaa I bet you does that all the time, and you are just too blind to see how skinny you are.

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lol @ 47 and 66...way to kill his dreams of being muscular haha

Autoshot 9

lol, well that's what he gets for being pround of something that doesn't exist. pft lol

hisgirlherboy 5

66, don't be hatin on kartilio he's hot! and calm down you just getting mad that he's "skinny" cuz your fat

106 are you Canadian too? I'm sorry.

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haha #66 can't spell

maybe he only went out with her to get closer to her brother.

what does OP mean?

119, Canada accepts no responsibilty for these fools.

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136 OP is the poor sap that puts the FML up

Original Poster

I agree with 140 just sayingg

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original poster

106..that's not the same picture he had the other day. You can't believe everything you see.

ugh, it means were surrounded by Canadians

Surrounded by Canadians, eh?

doo yu not see his muscless ? obvii yuu guyss are blindd or yurr talkin shit cuz yu dont have any.

madam, I believe you're still hungover from your rendezvous with boners. please feel better soon.

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197- Typing like that does not make you look cool or unique, it makes you look retarded.

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lol @ 202

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Wtf ? what's up with all the comments about abs and skinny ppl have to do with the FML ?! btw OP FYL

idk I made fun of "skinny" up there, people that don't know WTF they're talking about are trying to back him up, mostly Canadians, and I like to make peoples lives as miserable as I can, because it's funny, and now it's all gone too far

How does everyone know that OP isn't a guy and that the he was just in a gay relationship with the boyfriend from the story? :o

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#215 lol you make a good point

213- what's as annoying as a 5 year old? the last thing I said wasn't an opinion. you're so ******* irritating and stupid it's unbelievable. I tried to stop this is just retarded bullshit and you won't shut up. I enjoy watching little pricks like you try stand up for himself just to see how pathetic you actually are. I swear to god I'm done after this, I got better shit to do then argue with some kid, like masturbating.

220 - The sad thing is, that douche will never admit you won. Oh, and skinny boy, you don't have abs. Anyone can see your muscles when you're skin and bones, you're not all that special hey.

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Reading this entire thread just made me stupider. Why did I do that?

no reason we all can't be friends... eh?

Did anyone think that maybe op is a gay boy so it wouldn't be as weird...

ehh. more fun to think op is a girl, and she didn't know either one was gay. but you might be right.

Hmmmm. this sounds like a good time for a threesome. :D :D :D :D ;D

No. Bad dog. Bad gross dog!


^ totally. the cupcake guy might have some ****** issues

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this is effed up. but kinda hot.

I KNOW RIGHT. All caps are so annoying.

is it wrong that this gave me a boner.

not unless your straight

"Comment # 69" No ****

in the case op is a girl, then hey, maybe she could be their surrogate mother!

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I think that's pretty

Most horrible fml I've ever read. if fml had a championship, this would take it.

Use the ol' xbox motto and "jump in"

wow I actually forgot I already commented on this... weird

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lol I thought that said "my boyfriend and my mother" at first

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290 and 304 that's very gross

What does OP mean?

OP means original poster.

Yikes! Bet you never saw THAT coming! FYL indeed!

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she might not have but the brother did. ^ ^

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sounds hot

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146- win!!

is it wrong that that gave me a boner

146 - op could be a guy

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nooo its hot

how big were their penises? no ****

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a lil wrong ;)

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It does sound kinda hot just not the bro part

FUCK FML for their censorship! Fuck moderators in their ass!! They made this whole FML gay as ****. moderate this you pussy ass ****** bitches!!!

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lol. i wud hav!!!

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Sooo no on that threesome?

really?**** ur own brother?._. are you serious

nobody on FML is serious...

you would of joined in with your brother? that's awkward

141 - True that, some people just don't get it.

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yea serisly gross!!!^^

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yes 89 because everyone on the Internet is serious 100% of the time

I'm serious 103% of the time. no. not really.

hey, if Angelina Jolie did it, op can do it to!

fyl arnt u like 12

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yu guys r fcken stupid, sex wit Yhur brother? that's so gross.

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#25, Aren't you like 10?

I'm guessing no haha

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I would have. were they clothed?

True.. Most if them are liars!

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403- Sadly she is probably younger and already knows all about this stuff. America is just full of sex crazied people -_-

Not with the brother

Your name speaks for itself...

It would make a good bisex porno

hmmm bisexual incest

that just makes it hotter

I'd be hotter if it was Twincest...

Seeing your boyfriend cheat on me with my own BROTHER makes me really want to have a threesome with my (hopefully ex) and brother too. The people writing threesome comments are such idiots.

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hot? what part of are just gross

I see what u did there, 295

I see what u did there 294...

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158- epic win. twincest is the best

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wow just wow

Immensely so

Wow getting on to well with your family

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Correction. Getting off too well with the family

"dysfunctional" doesn't even begin to describe the situation ........ "homosexual" does

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go do it with his sister!

^I second this.

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yes!! and imvite me!

Your picture and name don't go well together, #27.

hahahahahah true 28

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105- jerk alert.

I agree with 105 hahahaa

I was just thinking that lol

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I so would!

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better knowing now