By MissMae93 - 26/04/2012 01:27 - United States

Today, I've been diagnosed with a severe lung infection. This causes me to viciously hack up a lung every two minutes or so. Not only can I barely breathe as it is, my job requires lots of running around, cleaning and interacting with customers. I have a five-hour shift tonight. FML
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To everyone saying I should have called in: unfortunately my work only provides about 3 sick days, which I used when I had my wisdom teeth removed. As for management, usually only one or two people are required to run the entire store (and of course, it was just me). They require much more notice and there was no one else available for the shift. Thank you to everyone with kind words and trust me, if I could have called in, I would have.

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How many lungs do you have? I fear you may die soon.

Nothing wrong with calling out sick when it's legit


Nothing wrong with calling out sick when it's legit

22- I think you missed the part where he said he's already been diagnosed.

The OP might have reasons why she can't afford to take a sick day, though. Maybe she's behind on rent or barely keeping up. I'm not sure what the laws are regarding sick leave in the US, though.

If you have a medical certificate it's illegal to work anyway (:

Most employers and schools have pretty rough penalties about excess sick days, and we don't know if OP used all of them up yet or not. I've had to go to lectures sick plenty of times, simply because I used up my days because my immune system isn't too great, especially my lungs. Not fair at all, but it happens to a lot of people.

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Damn OP!!! How many lungs do you have?!?!

IF you smoke; now would be the best time be considering : is it really worth it?

*reads the FML again* Didn't see it... *reads it again* Yah I'm lost where does it say OP Smoked?

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82- Then read 12's COMMENT again.

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If you're gonna waste our time with "..", then don't waste our time at all.

12, way to bring up something pretty unrelated. "if you smoke you better quit now!" how does having a severe lung infection and going to work with it translate to 'lecture op about smoking?' that's just irritating.

91- that 2nd comment made no sense. Honestly..

Take a vacation or sick leave until you get better. It's no big deal. Or try to get someone to cover for you.

How many lungs do you have? I fear you may die soon.

He's gonna die in 4 minutes! Someone do something!

4-Your funny comment is gonna cause OP to laugh too hard and cough up her last lung as a result. xP

Dammit I opened the comments to say this and it's already been said :(

He better have a large supply, at least 300 for the shift, and OPs already struggling to breathe I'm questioning the quality of those baby chipmunk lungs she bought on Ebay. And the legitimacy of the fishmonger who surgically installed them.

I was literly just thinking the same thing...

I can relate to a degree. Got the night shift for duty and I feel sick like a dog. Fyl indeed.

Calling in sick isn't just an excuse to go to a ball game, I hear it's also used commonly when people are in fact truly sick

No shit, where in my statement did I say I wanted to call in sick so I can just **** off? When someone says he feels sick, HE PROBABLY IS SICK.

I'm sick right now too, it's the worst! When I answer the phone at work I sound like a growling man, my boss sent me home.

#40 didn't say you were just going to **** off, and you also didn't say you'd call in sick. He simply mentioned the possibility of calling in sick and how, many people DO use it as a fake excuse. DUH! Read properly before you snap

Maybe he should have read my post properly since my original comment had no relevance to whatever he was blabbering about.

I meant that you could call in sick, that it was a possibility rather than going through that mess, nothing more o.O

Oh and 74 had it right. Just saying that you should call in sick and rest.

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pretty sure your boss would rather you call out sick then to be hacking all over customers

7-yea. Hope OP doesn't work in the food service industry. Shouldnt there be a health code against that? I mean, hacking up a lung? That's pretty gross/serious.

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@31: You'd be surprised at how many people in food service go in sick. If you're working at McDonalds, you need that money. Most minimum wage places don't have very good policies regarding sick leave, so the employee has to choose between paying the bills or going to work feeling terrible. Not to mention I've heard of awful managers who threaten them with termination if they don't come in. While it's possible to get unemployment or even sue for wrongful termination, again people work these jobs because they need the money. They don't have the cash to sue.

7, I had a boss who refused to let a co-worker go home despite vomitting every 20 minutes. We work at a pharmacy, you'd think he would let her go home. Unfortunately, some bosses are dicks.

52-I would think that if customers are ingesting food or pills, it is a priority not to contaminate the area or spread it to the customers. Sorry about your coworker. 44- yea that makes sense. Each day out is less money in the bank. And I would think there are days when they are understaffed.

At least it's only part-time? Idk. I'm actually sincerely sorry for you and hope you get better.

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Believe it or not, some companies penalize you in some way for calling in sick. Like my company. AHEM.

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whoa man keep that ahem to yourself! wouldnt wanna get sick there if i was you.

You're only going to live for 4 minutes then, unless you have more than two lungs..

Only four minutes?! Well no worries about that shift tonight OP, one less thing to stress about!! :)