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Today, my misanthropic malcontent of a son smashed my air freshener and turned my faulty lava lamp on in a twisted act of rebellion. The bottom of the lamp broke and got wax everywhere. My room now smells like cinnamon, with a hint of freshly embalmed corpse. FML
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desireev 17

Cinnamon and corpse! Aaah! The wonderful scent! My favorite! :)


DeboDaGreat 3

I love that smell in the morning!

mrmakefunofu 5

Its probably because you were too busy looking in the thesaurus to be a good parent, stupid face works just as well!

Yeah, because being educated and having a standard lexicon is a bad thing.

I don't understand what 46 is saying. Why would he be looking in a thesaurus? What does that have to do with his son rebelling?

117- He's saying that because apparently since OP uses "big words," that means he's using a thesaurus. What he failed to realize, however, is that some people have a vocabulary that possesses words longer than five letters.

I would have sworn that a "thesaurus" was a dinosaur. Boy, am I surprised! (Do people have to criticize others who use words that indicate that they have an education beyond that of a grammar school student?) |the kid|

desireev 17

Cinnamon and corpse! Aaah! The wonderful scent! My favorite! :)

I know I love the scent. I ran out earlier I need to buy some more.

Insomniasenemy 6

Can never get enough of that smell!!

People are always talking about the spice of life. The spice of death finally gets an honorable mention. |the kid|

Damn kick his dumbass out of your house. He cant treat you like that.

Damn, kick his dumb ass out of your house. He can't treat you like that. Sorry, couldn't resist the irony.

her son... why how does it matter if he's single?

What if her son is 9 or 10? What then, dumbass? Still gonna stick your kid to the curb?

Why would a 10 year old be a misanthrope (person who hates the human race) and malcontent (likes to rebel)?

3, She raised him and therefore bears the responsibility for his behaviour. If she wanted a well behaved son it would have required more effort on her part, or the realisation that kids can be a pain in the ass.

Any FML with the phrase "misanthropic malcontent" is win.

At least OP has a chance for a hobby of creative writing. And also, beat that child. Simple enough.

That's a good combo, it should be a perfume.

Lizzy500 16

Simple solution: switch rooms.

Mine smells like that too after my friend tried to do the cinnamon challenge...

I put YDI just for putting "misanthropic malcontent" just to sound more mature. In all seriousness, you haven't said what he was rebelling against. For all we know you could have just told him that you will be taking all his wages from his job, or you're selling all his property on ebay, or any number of other unreasonable actions. rebellion doesnt have to mean it isn't justified.

LiveLaughFML 10

Don't look at it as a negative situation. This FML may expand your vocabulary :^D

Anyone else think #7 is using a misanthropic malcontent's argument to try to sound more mature?

#7, You putting "YDI" because OP used really big words you don't understand means you should go back to school. Luckly, A_TEEN's gulag of torture...I..I-I-I I mean A_TEEN's happy fun education center for adults is open. Join now for free education. :)

bizarre_ftw 21

Don't worry about your faux pas sir, I doubt 7 knows what gulag means.

Almighty_Chris97 6

Man you should know big words like me.... What do those words mean again?

#7 do us all a favor and shut the **** up. Selling property? Really? Just stop talking.

7- Good argument, but I doubt that's the situation... 66- a gulag is a Russian POW camp and isn't a hard word to know, the fact that you consider it a challenge, or an accomplishment to know tells me that you yourself don't have a very broad vocabulary and should probably stop talking.

Ninjasaurus18 9

You see #7, some of us have a vocabulary larger than eighth grade, and are able to read. It's called comprehension, and I presume you'll learn about it when you get halfway through elementary school. By 'rebelling' she probably meant he just wanted to boycott parenting in general. It's ridiculous what teenagers do to fit in.

Pshyco child...You might want to fix that.

bizarre_ftw 21

Genius!!! Now the next part is crucial! Ready?! *rubs hands together* : How?!

Maybe he isn't being himself because he is hungry. Give him a Snickers, that should fix the child... If that doesn't work, put a shock collar on him and shock him when he does something naughty. Over time he will learn to behave.

Yeah, that "pshyco" child is "defiantly" "wierd." It should be a law. If there is a word you use a terrible lot, then you are obligated to know how to spell it. |the kid|

Didnt you think what she might have done to invoke such a terrible vengeance??????