By bahhumbug - United States - Seattle
Today, I received three big boxes from my mother in law, containing expensive cookware. I was puzzled, because I know that she hates me. Turns out she mailed them to us by mistake. Not only did she not get us anything, but I now have to pay to ship the boxes to her neighbor. FML
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Nonsense, The only practical thing to do here is to hold them hostage for 50% face value. "Oh, you want me to ship them for you huh? What a coincidence, because I happen to want $200!!!"

  MonstreBelle  |  28

43- OP should just hold onto them. Their mother-in-law has to come to Festivus dinner and tell OP all the ways they have disappointed her over the past year anyway

By  chisty87  |  16

I'd really want to know "why" you have to pay for the shipping you weren't the one who mailed to the wrong person? If that old bat wants the stuff back have her come pick it up and mail it again to the right person don't let that old hag bully you...

  pandaxpress  |  19

I know for me, I'd return to sender and wait for her jerk of a mother in law to see she received a refund to figure it out. Generally they don't charge for it to go back to where it came from.