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I have OCD. I actually have to take medication for it. When people say they have OCD just because they do this one quirky little thing, it's really not true. It sucks having it, you do NOT want it.

  lexilovesyou  |  0

Just chill. If it makes him/her feel good to be on top then who freaking cares! Its not hurting anything and it makes them happy. Get a life and stop freaking out over little stupid things that do not matter whatsoever. Give it a rest. Geesh.


i have to take medicine too..i hate ppl who say "oh everyone has a little bit of ocd" have little quirks or things they just HAVE to do..but not OCD if it doesn't take over their life..and i hate when ppl casually say they have OCD because they need something straight or things clean..not everyone has that kind of OCD first of all, and needing things symmetrical isn't OCD unless you like can't leave you're house in the morning without aligning everything and stuff like people who have it suffer from it..they don't like it and boast about it unless their one of those people that glamorize mental disorders and want to seem interesting

  Heidi_fml  |  0

Me too. And I agree! I actually get really ticked off when people want to get something clean and announce they are OCD. No, you aren't, you might just like things neat. You don't do rituals, and you don't have them mental aspect.

I am on Zoloft for OCD, on and off for 5 years. It's not fun, it's not just because someone happens to like things neat or whatnot...

Glad there are people who know what I mean!

  Lexia_fml  |  0

To me, the FML is that her mom didn't even consider it, you know?

And I agree with #119. People use a lot of serious terms lightly, so that in time they're watered down.

  TomPusslicker  |  21

Well there are mild and extreme forms of ocd...i am slightly ocd and ill be the first to admit im weird. As said b4 the fml is that she didnt consider it, but we're all weird creatures.

By  mastory96  |  0

haha it's okay. a lot of people seem to think I have OCD, but I really don't.

your mom though... wow. she shouldn't say that, really. even if you ARE really really weird, she shouldn't say it.

haha! moms are supposed to be SUPPORTIVE! :) LOL

  Luckster  |  0

Really? to me. When I told my Mom I was suffering depression she told me to cheer up and get over it.

Not everyone's parents are supportive of their kids, sadly.

  maxson_fml  |  0

I continue to be amazed at how many people on this site have shitty parents. o_O

When I had severe OCD, my parents paid extra money just to schedule an emergency appointment at an OCD clinic, and I was able to avoid hospitalization because of it.

And nearly all of my friends have good parents too. Are this many shitty parents really out there, or are people here exaggerating?

  lolzforfun228  |  3

Actually you CAN be hospitalized for OCD. And trust me, it's a lot worse than people think it is. Besides you can go to the hospital even if you arent DYING. (btw you misspelled "dying")


Trust me parents really are that shitty. When I was taken to an emergency room for my depression my parents searched my room and found my knives that I used to cut with. My mom's response was to quit being a drama queen, grow up, and if I feel I need to cut myself the least I could do is buy my own knives instead of using her kitchen knives.

  sallay  |  0

i agree with you, o was freaking out because i thought o had throat cancer because i had a lump on my throat (was just a swollen gland). i told my mom i thought i was a hypochodriac, and she goes no, your just being stupid. I kind of knew i was though, OP honestly its no bid deal parents are just like that sometimes...

By  cards  |  0

I find that OCD is one of those disorders that people always joke about having or think they have when they really don't. I don't mean to belittle anyone with OCD, but I have tons of friends who in passing say, "Oh, well, I have a bit of OCD" or tell me that my weird quirks mean that I have it too.


Actually, almost everyone has a little bit of OCD.
Whether it's being a germophobe, to always having to cut up their food, etc.
So, when people claim to have it, they probably do.

  sarawr  |  0

I agree, completely.
OP: Unless it causes you anxiety or your tendencies make normal life difficult for you (i.e. it's actually a problem), there is no reason to be tested. Most people have quirks involving numbers, daily patterns, steps, et cetera and unless you're unable to hold a job / function in public because of it, it's mild OCD (if it's even that). So many people want to get tested for it, mainly because it's one of those conditions that's fun in passing (except for people with it), and it's one of those exotic claims you claim to have just because you can.

Now if you're like Mr. Monk, than holy shit you need to get yourself some Chantix.

  fantasderful  |  0

let me clear this up for you, because I actually am diagnosed OCD.
not everyone has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
everyone has some obsessive compulsive behavior.
it becomes considered a disorder when it interrupts and negatively impacts your life.
just fyi. :)


I know, I hate it. My friends always try to make everything worse for me when it comes to my OCD...
and once my best friend walked up to me at school and said, "Wow guess what Ellie? I have an OCD! You see I do this little thing where..."
I didn't say anything about it, but it did annoy me...