By Bella - 15/01/2013 18:57 - United States - Sanford

Today, my boyfriend yet again decided to act like Edward Cullen from Twilight, and got his friend to act like Jacob. Every time they're around, my boyfriend always looks stoned and constipated, and his friend is shirtless. I feel like I'm in a shitty romance movie. FML
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Awesomeelliot 11

Still a better love story than Twil....oh wait

theninja1800 11

Twilight is such a terrible movie. Truly. FYL OP for having to endure that in real life.


theninja1800 11

Twilight is such a terrible movie. Truly. FYL OP for having to endure that in real life.

Sounds like your very lucky to have people with such a great sense of humor!

chell1894 13

Sound pretty hilarious if its a joke. If they're serious... they have problems. Oh and your boyfriend should paint his face in glitter.

Yeah just out of curiosity what guy would try to act like a character from twilight, please enlighten me. This guys got problems

Better yet 64, why does op's boyfriend know anything at all about twilight. I would not even begin to know what "acting like Edward Cullen" meant.

112, you seem to know enough about it to not want to be seen knowing about it.

If your boyfriend is gonna pull that then try acting like Bella it's not that hard and believe me if he doesn't stop acting like Edward than he seriously isn't worth your time

Awesomeelliot 11

Still a better love story than Twil....oh wait

tj5810 21

Your profile picture only increases the hilarity of your post.

^yea, new-to-the-Internet-kid would totally say that. Lmao.

eat_this_buddie 5

This is what R. Patz said that Edward looked like

tj5810 21

So are you team Jacob?

tj5810 21

Thumb me down all you want but clearly OP makes it seem like she's not team Edward... I'm just stating the obvious here.

nycwrestler 17

She's no team she clearly says she is not happy with either her boyfriends actions or the actions of the other friend.

#48 that sentence will never be the same!

Team guy who wishes he had hit Bella with a van.

Still a better love story than... Oh wait.

I would have edited this, but my Internet connection died... Sorry guys!

Psych101 9 received..... No.

Have a heart you guys, this could happen to anyone! It's technology that's to blame here. We need to rise against these evil electrobotic computers before they destroy us all...

Computing...... We are fully aware. Prepare for termination......

No worries OP, there's only 4 long books in that series. You're on book one. Good luck.

starcrossddream 14

Where are you getting 4 books? There are 3 books (horribly written) and 4 movies (horribly acted).

iShanny 13

No... There are four books and five movies. Google it. I agree with the rest of your post though.

starcrossddream 14

My bad you're right, but WHY did you tell me to google I'm permanently scared with the knowledge that there will be a fifth book (from Edwards point of view)

91: I don't think she'll finish it. No worries.

Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn. Then there's the Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner (the spin off) and of course the 5 movies. No there's not gonna be another book Meyers announced that a year or so ago.

kittykat1501 31

Actually, if u knew anything at all, it would be book 2

It sounds like your boyfriend is just a hilarious guy! xD

nycwrestler 17

Twilight might be incredibly crappy and OP's bf might not even like it, but despite the fact that I hate Twilight myself, I do think its quite funny, I mean, its quite a weird scenario to be in

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Honestly Twilight isn't that bad if you read the books. One of my ex's made me read the first one and I willingly read the rest. It's the movies and the little preteen fans that ruin it. that is why you are wrong

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Yeah, I mean, he's got the attitude right. Robert Pattinson always pulls the strangest faces as Wardo. One of the things that makes the films hilaribad.

Panda_Shy_Haven 17

And there you have your reason for being part of this wonderful twilight cosplay

kotana191 8

a lot of girls love twilight and would love it if their boyfriends did that. Maybe he just wants to make you happy.

Why kotana , your boyfriend acting constipated will make you happy? Well, you are the only one.

See if he can stop a bus like Edward.

Awww but ur a deer. Shouldn't u be getting hit? Lol Jk, I would like to see him stop a bus at Three mph, then watch him struggle as it pushes him XD

103- I believe 93 is referring to13's photo.