By FMLPLZ - 03/01/2014 02:52 - United States - Milwaukee

Today, when I am asked to do something and I don't do it immediately, my mother threatens to "twerk" in front of my friends. FML
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I really wish this twerking craze would die out. It's ridiculous.


FIRST COMMENT! Btw. Sorry about your mom op. I'm sure she's just messing with you!

Wachu taking about Willis. Dat mama needs an award!

She might do it, but then the child's friends would never want to come over. Or better yet, report it to the police. I wanna hear THAT 911 call. xD

Zimmington 21

Hey Op let's be friends I'd like to meet your mom.

LizetteBerenice 22

I think I would rather be beaten on a daily basis then ever see my mother twerking.

Zimmington 21

She could be stripping for Op's friend's parents while they toss nickels at her.

True, it could be worse.. Her dad could do it instead

I really wish this twerking craze would die out. It's ridiculous.

Das_is_gud 11

It was already dying out until Miley Cyrus brought it back, now adults know about and they think it's some new craze when it's actually not that new

Women have been twerking since the 80s. Miley Cyrus (who can't even twerk) just popularised it.

She's got you by the balls, so to speak. I would suggest you do what she says for the rest of your life to avoid unleashing that horror on the public. No one wants to see twerking. Ever.

Weeeeell, I wouldn't say NO one, absolutely ever… I'm an ass man, after all. To me, it's like I'm watching a contortionist act at the circus; it's mesmerizing to see the human body move like that when done right with the right body type!