By Anonymous - 21/05/2009 00:11 - United States

Today, I was sitting at my college campus; there were good looking girls all around me and I was trying to catch their eye and smile, letting them know I'm available. A butterfly flew by me and I screamed. FML
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Are you the same guy with the FML who smashed his own nuts when he got scared and saw a spider on them?


hellokittywhore 0

butterflies are the root of all evil!!!! those sinister lil hevens!!!!! ;)))

jazziness 12

I agree #170 I'm absolutely terrified of butterflies because they're crazy and ugly!!!!

You may all be glad to know that I now have a girlfriend. I bet when I propose, a butterfly will flutter onto the scene and destroy me.

ApplaudtheActor 0

Macho. I'll bet you got lots of numbers after that, eh?

Did the scary butterfly take your balls?

what if it was an evil butterfly with laser beams and sharp teeth?

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Next time pee in your pants when you see a lady bug. Girls love sensitive men. LOL #3 :D

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I'm guessing you had something in your stomach.