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Today, my boyfriend told me the reason he can't keep an erection while we have sex is that I'm not attractive enough. FML
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wow.. hopefully he isn't your boyfriend anymore...

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So become more attractive. Problem solved.

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I think your boyfriend finds you attractive on some level... or else, why is he your boyfriend at all?

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If you want a stiff "Worm" try enhanced Maxiderm.

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well you don't need sex to make you happy... oh wait...

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YDI for dating Edward Cullen

She said "keep" an erection, boys. She was attractive enough for him to get it up but he fell down on the job. OP, dump him for being an arse and make sure you tell him it's because he's a limp dick. It'll be a lot easier for you to find a satisfactory lover than it will be for him.

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I agree wit lovley red nd if u dnt lik ht thn u starigjt up gay

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It's not hard to get it up, just play with it a little. keeping it up is different.

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sounds like an excuse...he really has ED and is too embarassed to tell you. I mean what guy can get it up with his girlfriend but can't keep it up?

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Took the words right out of my mouth ISwag! He's a dick in the wrong sort of way OP. Dump him. Trust me, you'll be doing yourself a favor. I had an ex that was like that. And trust me, I know I am not ugly (5'4 with a 32" waist and a 44" bust and hip). But my ex did everything he could to make me feel like I was and that it wad MY fault he couldn't keep it up. After I finally got rid of him and got myself a GOOD man, I am now satisfied in both heart and sex.

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TempestJones, no one cares if you think your attractive, you replied to #1 to get yor useless statement for everyone to see. I'm replying to you do I HAVE a reason to reply to number one. Noob

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@66 ignorant bitch he had ed thts our way of saying tht take a midol and ask him out again also ur fault for not keeping it interesting

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If you care about eachother enough to be having sex, than he should at least be a little bit physically attracted to you. Sounds like he just has some issues with Mr. Snakey. Dump him and say it's because his performance is lacking. FYL

do it doggystyle, so he doesn't have to look At you.

I think maybe he has erectile disfunction... most guys can keep an erection when they are getting ******** and such

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OP all you really need to know is what 45 and 62 said. Dump him and you'll get better.

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put Viagra in his coke *pop*

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thats wat i was thinkin lol

I got 3 words for ya. plastic surgery

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damn chicky that's painful I believe no guy deserves that besides have you ever seen ms. march you don't want that lawl

she could be a but-her-face . I've seen girls w/ measurements like urs and the look nasty in the face ... besides , it should b about the love u feel with each other that turns u on and not ur looks ...

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@66: how does you being a skinny ass make you pretty. you probably have buck teeth and a hunched back. jk... right?

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LMAO... No, no buck teeth, or any wierd deformities... And yes I was replying to ISwag, and then added my comments under the same thing... who doesn't? I was pointing out that even pretty (I never said skinny... if you knew measurements at ALL you would know that that is not skinny but not fat) girls get treated like shit and I included my measurements because the first thing half of the a$$holes post on here is "Well YDI for being a fatass."

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@Smartman: Your name is very unfitting for you... I was agreeing with you "you dumb ass bitch" about the ED. Sorry, my fault for not being more blunt in my post and putting it in layman's terms for you so that you could follow easier. Do the world of Internet posting a favor and take your issues elsewhere dickwad. I have no issues with how "interesting" I am, in or out of bed... And neither does my fiancé and that's good enough for me.

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@WhatANoob: Your name however is very fitting of you. Definately keep it. Noob. @Smartman: Also, Walgreens has midol. You really should take your own advice and go pick some up for yourself. Obviously you need it.

@106 Regarding your comment,is that what your name means??

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ydi for not being attractive

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bs rite there it's that she so attractive his dick is in shock so no blood flow

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your ugly im guessing. or hes just no good

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op ydi for not including a pic

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well the get attractive dumbshit

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"Get attractive," really? OP, I hope you ignore that comment. I really do. Dump the boyfriend, he's a jerk. You can find someone who appreciates you, without you having to change.

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I think this is why everyone hates Marley

well ****, try putting more effort into being sexy? or maybe he just has an errection problem and doesn't want to admit it so he just blames you. your lifes not ******.

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everyone hate me jasonisskiing really??? cuz ur dad didn't have a proble with me last nite, neither did ur mom : P

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MARLEY stop sending me messages and go back to middle school

@marley tht wasnt his dad tht wa ma dog she had pups ur takin care of em now tht i found u. remember they hate femenists and i trained them to kill u. have fun

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yes Marley everyone does. and it's awesome that you had a good time with my dad last night since he is no longer living and I haven't spoken to my mom in 3 years. good job finding her on the streets. I'm glad you had a good time sweetie. I love you becca :) don't forget that.

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@95, I have to agree. Not to mention she is trying to give advice on beauty to someone she does not see. There is only one word for people like her: shallow.

JasonIsKing said it. Marley, "sukka YDI" is not the answer to everything. Get over yourself.

Imma be Imma be jumping on dat dumpin train too... I agree with those before who said it sounds like he is using your physical appeal as a cover for his inability to keep his head up... So put his head down for good by sending him on his way...

has he tried rear entry with your face in the pillow and all the lights turned off ? thats what i do.

Marley, you dumbshit, you are the one who needs to be more attractive. If you were, you probably wouldn't have to use Dana Killer's pictures. (:

marley, get a tan and some self respect. op: if your boyfriend has to resort to such hurtful comments to save his pride, he's not worth your time nor your body.

@157 thank youuuuuuu I've been saying she's fake for awhile but I didn't know who it was xD scenie bops look all the same after awhile

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63 - a person can't just "get attractive"... jeez laweez...

wow.. hopefully he isn't your boyfriend anymore...

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Monikabug 9

Lol wow, this was in the wrong place entirely. Not to you, babybubs! :)

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Yeah, Ik. Random. Haha >;]

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yeah, OP's boyfriend is probably gay.

He can't be gay if he was having sex with her. He was probably bored. Try new positions! Or role play. Idk. lol

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yeah if you have boobs and a ****** any normal guy would hit that. he's obviously gay.

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I agree with LovelyRed... Boobs, ******, hit that.

I agree with bizzaro..I mean wht if she is hairy or huge, come on there r alot of turn offs!!!

for the most part yes, but if her **** are lopsided and her vag looks like a botched taco, you try keeping an erection.

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not if she's ugly as ****, ok say she has boobs, but one of them is mangled, or that her ****** has teeth its not that easy

Theswag, if she has a blue waffle, keep to keep a hard on.

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lovely, tht is NOT true some respect women

nt if is palin. oh wait thts gt nothing. umm nt if ur hillary clinton. oh nt a chick either , damn allrite i agree

I agree with number 14. If she looks like Honey Boo Boo's mom, I would definitely not hit that

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well thats jus thats jus funny shit rite there

I would have stabbed him in the balls, at least that way he would have had a GOOD reason to not be able too.

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aw dawling he is a douche and i bet he's far worse so just move on -_-