By Anonymous - 08/10/2012 17:27 - United States - Placentia

Today, I cleaned out my house and placed multiple boxes of clothes and books in my two-seated truck to take to the Goodwill. While turning onto the highway, everything tumbled on top of me, sending me crashing into a guardrail. FML
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And they wonder why people don't give to the poor.

Oh no! I hope you and your car are okay. Next time maybe strap the boxes down in the truck bed.


And they wonder why people don't give to the poor.

mynamesnoah 6

Yeah man, I mean why should anyone actually think that they need to secure boxes full of stuff while driving! If you're donating to charity, God will come down and stop you from crashing.

I give to the poor, bad shit like this doesn't happen to me.. Rethink your comment next time

#1 at least I know why they're not giving to you.

Guys, chill out. 1 is obviously being sarcastic.

11- yes, yes I do. It's because I'm not poor.

XTheDesertSongX 17

Do we really need to bring Religion to the internet?

People can mention religion. It's not like anyone was starting a feud.

^ I know. Who would start a fuel off of religion...

^Fuel starts cars. Religion starts fuel. The more you know.

35, they did not say fuel. And really everyone? #1 was making a sarcastic joke.

I swear for being on the Internet you kids can't tell a typo worth shit.

57 - Maybe you just can't type for shit.

^ No I'm fairly certain I can't type relatively well. But good guess pokefag.

Crewboy, I have a surprise for you. Look at your profile picture and you will see it!

Oh no! I hope you and your car are okay. Next time maybe strap the boxes down in the truck bed.

TheOath 12

At least when you tried your total of 200 pound boxes didn't tip over the edge in your friends pickup truck and crash onto the windshield of the car behind you ._.

How about everyone follows the proper rules when loading trucks. Like properly securing cargo in trunk/truck bed. Or how about we rent a moving truck? Or hell, just follow the law about how to secure things. There's no way you should be loading your truck with stuff in the seats. IT'S A TRUCK! And there no way your stuff should be falling out of a truck bed onto another car. You both deserve it for being stupid and unsafe.

TheOath 12

1. The rope snapped 2. Couldn't afford a moving truck, and why that much space for a few heavy boxes? 3. Too young to drive so I didn't 4. It was an idiotic friend with good intentions donating new, good, usable articles of clothing, toys, and other miscellaneous items Luckily the cars' windshield didn't crack and the people were nice enough to help us. It's a really old truck too.

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It's the thought that counts, OP

^ I hate that saying. I complimented a stranger yesterday, nothing happened to me.

Why didn't you put it in the bed? It would have been alot simpler.

In the bed? Is this a place in a car? ( I don't drive)

Carguy1999 1

its the back part of pickup trucks.

#32 It is the bed of the pick up truck. It is where you put big stuff like bikes, groceries, and other things that take up space. Google pick up truck bed. Only pick up trucks have these.

I was going to explain truck beds, but someone beat me to it. I even had a witty comment thought out, then my train of thought derailed and crashed into a guardrail, spilling thoughts all over me.

If its raining or something, the beds not a good place to put clothes and books. Or its already full

#40 OP is in California, I don't think it was raining.

Helldemon 32

#40 doesn't normally stop people lol.

hopsinlove17 26

32- Well thank you Captain Obvious. What will be your next act? Telling me the moons out at night?

unknown_user5566 26

91- You make no sense. #32 was asking what a "bed" was when referring to a vehicle, because s/he doesn't drive. I am assuming you meant to reply to #36, who was actually being nice and answering #32's question.

Epikouros 31

That's what plastic tarps are for, #40.

Sorry bout that. My retarded friend Anthony was milling through my iPod and posted a reatarded comment when he saw this. But I expect no more from him :D

unknown_user5566 26

So much for trying to do something nice by donating clothes, eh? I am guessing you're okay since you posted this, but I hope your accident didn't cause any serious harm!

enormouselephant 15

Everything happens for a reason...not sure what it would be though. Good for you for doing something to help people though!

Agreed. They make tie straps for a reason.

But there aren't tie down hooks in the cab... Only in the bed.

81 there are still ways of securing them on the seat with the straps. Even securing them all together so they couldn't topple all over onto the OP would have helped

Unfortunately no good deed goes unpunished.

Why didn't you just put the boxes in the back of the truck?

It's a truck, so there might have not been much room unless OP wanted to put their belongings in the outside storage part.

unknown_user5566 26

26- #12 was referring to the bed of the truck, aka the "outside storage part".

Obviously the clothes and books were offended by your readiness to give them up. Don't be so harsh next time.

I'm going with YDI. Like some of the other posts pointed out, you have a truck with a bed on it.

Op did not say they have a truck with a bed on it.

Maybe it was raining. Maybe it was full.