By Mary Kathryn - 22/04/2012 12:09 - United States - Fremont

Today, I took off the training wheels of my niece's bike. I tried to show her how to ride it, but she told me to get off because I needed a "fat girl's bike." FML
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Or an exercise bike.

kids these days...


Or an exercise bike.

That's probably what the little girl was trying to imply in the nicest way possible.

Redoxx_fml 22

Time to lose weight?

More like, time to teatch a brat some respect!

Time for someone to teach* you some spelling.

I'm fourteen and English is not my first language, so I'm sorry for not being perfect.. What I meant by my comment is that children need to be taught not to say hurtful things to other people! That's going to be one of the first things I teach my kids.

I know. I was just joking. But calling a child a brat is just a LITTLE bit too much. I mean, they're just kids.

Ok, I overreacted sorry. I've just been called fat by little kids before egen I was one myself, so i guess that's why this got to me :/ shouldn't take that out on the kid in the FML though, sorry.

It's ironic how you are saying you want kids to respect but in your picture, the girl is being mean.

... To flowers. It's different :P

kandi_kid69 15

47- Flowers have feelings too. ):

kids these days...

They're too smart.....

cooIbeans 0

a kid's opinion is always an honest opinion.

#14 But one time a kid said I was a booger-head. D:

Kids When were they respectful?!

Molly_Amanda 11

Lmfao. How adorable.

Lmfao, what a waste of an FML comment.

The irony I see on FML is unbelievable.

I hadn't noticed how idiotic I sounded until after I posted that. I apologize.

64 - I couldn't agree with you more!!! Whenever my nieces or nephews were mean I would put them in their place. Same with my friends kid... This is the problem with today... People don't discipline their children.

Obviously she was being sarcastic... What person would think a little girl saying that is adorable.

boycrazy30007 12

I would have beat her ass. For a little girl totalk to an adult like that is unbelievable

Then your ass would've ended up in jail for child abuse. Wouldn't be so tough there, would you?

Once again... There's the problem with the world today... You can't spank your kids without someone screaming child abuse. This is why kids are so ****** up.

64-I completely agree

80: I have nothing wrong with being/getting/giving out a spank. I was spanked as a child aswell, and it did me a hell of a lot of good. But that isn't what they said. They said "beat her ass", which implies a lot more than spanking. I understand people screaming abuse is annoying--it gets on my nerves too--but that is what their comment came across as. Just thought I'd clear that up.

That's kind of extreme. Beating? Please don't go there. And it's not the fact that she talked to an ADULT (for all we know the OP isn't even one!) it's that she said something that hurtful at all, to anyone. Although it sounds like she's too young to know better. Children don't understand body image issues, they comment on people's weight all the time.

bebeakacutie 7

"beat her ass" is just an expression. No one says I'm gonna go spank my child now. stop being so damn dramatic. Oh child abuse! Child abuse! My first thought isn't OMG that woman is gonna beat her child to a bloody pulp. No!!!! And if u were "spanked" u would understand the expression and would have heard it before.

deransc 19

Goodness, somebody is sensitive! Kids say things that embarrass people - that's what they do. Sure you teach them right from wrong and teach them about other people's feelings but there's no need to make them feel super bad about it. Tell me you've never embarrassed your parents or something.

Kids are likely to believe that 90% of adults are fat..they're very small and we're much, much larger in comparison. They're a lot more likely to say you're fat than oh hey, you're much bigger than me because you're older than I am.

Be grateful you didn't fall.

True, those little bikes are impossible practically! And I'm short!

JustDerpin 11

she's just looking out for you..!

iviviii 0

Kids say the darnest things!

Wow! What show on Disney did she get that off of... Or possibly the Internet

ssnowywinter 0

67, you'd be surprised how early it starts... my cousins say stuff like that all the time.

Glitterhinoceros 14

If it still had training wheels, it's probably a smaller bike meant for 7 year old girls, not one meant for adults.

You have, by far, the longest and most detailed bio I have ever seen on this site. Why am I mentioning this? I have no damn idea.

kandi_kid69 15

OP, maybe now you can use that as motivation to lose some pounds. :)

Angelrose2004 17

Maybe OP isn't fat though. It's possible that any size adult on a bicycle small enough for training wheels looks big.

kandi_kid69 15

38- Yes I realized that she may not be fat after I posted the comment and her niece most likely didn't mean that she was actually fat. I really didn't consider that as I was posting. :/