By dream1334 - 02/06/2012 23:28 - United States - East Rockaway

Today, I was at a wedding. After videotaping the ceremony for a few minutes, my memory was full. I went to delete another video. I accidentally played the loudest video I had. No one was looking at the bride or groom anymore. FML
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Porn. It's always porn.

rcgirl2 11

What was the loud video of?


rcgirl2 11

What was the loud video of?

Porn. It's always porn.

Definitely without a doubt


Why would she have porn on a camcorder/camera? it makes no sense.

ThisBeAUsername 6

Homemade porn?


#29. Still very unlikely

blueandpurpleroc 4

Sex tape.

I don't think that's unlikely. Lots of people do it.

Trisha_aus 15

Wedding Crashers - part deux

It must have been "Smell Yo Dick" by Riskay

36- One would think it would also be highly unlikely that anyone would ever put squirrel road-kill as their profile picture, but here we are.

It wasn't porn...she played the loudest video she had recorded prior to the in earlier in the day.

FMLshark 12

72, it appears you need an implant. Yes, you are lacking a funny bone. It's a joke. No shit it wasn't porn. (Maybe.)

72- who said it had to be earlier in that day?


#67. you are the 3rd person to say that today! also I have 9 more roadkill if you wanna see them

wat position was it?

PeeNaught 3

Haha the honeymoon right there during the wedding, nice!! Porn, "good" porn is always able to provide a good time...of course no one was watching the bride and groom anymore...haha

That's always embarrassing ~ that sucks

Wow, I wonder why it's on FML?

sycosyd_97 1

25- stop being a dick

54- Sometimes its necessary to be a dick. Some people don't understand that everyone knows that the FML sucks, and their comment could've been a bit more creative than "Dang bro, shit sucks eh?".

BunchieRules 31

Always embarrassing? You make it sound like it happens to you often.

54 - Dicks we have problems too, we're just like you, except we have balls hanging off us.

Oh god, don't mention that song.

How embarrassing! That will probably be held against you for a while!

AnthonyWheeler15 24

That must've been awkward.

Thanks for pointing that out.


Yes, thank you, good thing you're here, otherwise I wouldve never know how akward it was. I wouldve been ever clueless about the subject, but thankful for me, you're here to show me the light, the light of information, sweet, sweet information! (heavy sarcasm intended)

#4: Nah, I don't see why this would be awkward at all... Not one bit. :-P

Ninjasaurus18 9

Wow, so now people can't even comment 'Awkward...' anymore without people making it into a big broo-ha-ha?! This planet... And yes. I did say broo-ha-ha, and before you go on to be rude about it, I did that for irony. Because I enjoy irony.

the iPod app won't let my previous comment show, just look at my picture. enough said for this comment.

akichan15 5

You don't say?

That's awkward.

robinhood007 9

40 - I'd just like to thank you for you not writing a huge comment on their painfully simple comment. I see that too often nowadays. I know it seems ridiculous considering my lengthy comment but I just needed to express my gratitude.

50- I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes people just lose the tie-in of their whole entire comment and just rant on and on and on and ON. It gets to the point where you just want to throw a brick at their face because you just get so upset. Speaking of upset doesn't it just make your blood boil when they stop making sense halfway through and you just lose interest until they just platypuszingers seem to lose all respectability after they put some dumb argument into their comment to make it seem like they actually care about the FML when really they are just trying to make themselves look cool. They always even try to make themselves seem more popular by agreeing with someone who got a few thumbs up in hope that they get thumbed up too, or they reference something trendy and whore off it for even more thumbs up. It's almost as if they actually care about what the person actually said, but instead they end up just taking up space that could've been someone else's comment that would've probably had waaaaaaaaay more respectability and purpose. Sometimes it's best to just keep all your random thoughts to yourselves and just not post anything because there is a thumb button for a reason. It's like my god there is absolutely NO reason they need to carry on so unnecessarily far with their stupidass comment that nobody is going to read because they already know it's so highly unnecessary that they're going to slap a negative vote on it and will forever keep that person in their minds "TROLL" section. OMG while we're on the subject of trolls that reminds me of that zombie in Miami that almost ate that one guy to death, I swear I was actually there when it happened. The guy had actually just sniffed a bunch of table salt and was just going ape-shit because it burned so badly. Good thing I was there to help the cop shoot the bastard down with my Desert Eagles that I keep in my gilded holsters that double as mini-fridges when plugged in. Yah, it was pretty sweet, should've been there. Anyways you should stop talking so much, I need some sleep. See ya buddy.

laurabelle89 0

SOTY, marry me.

71 - I'd thumb you up, but iOS disallows it. If anyone says TL;DR, I will fukkin KEEL yo sorry, ig'nant asses!

pavlovaaLOVE 7

71- I can't believe I actually read all that lollll that's how bored I am. Well done to you

78- I understand. My iPod didn't allow me to get that far up either to edit it. I noticed that it should've been "mind's" instead of "minds", but I figured most people wouldn't care so I didn't lose any sleep over it.

To thumbs up a long comment scroll about half way up and swipe to the right.

Thanks for the help man. And go Sox!

robinhood007 9

Wow dude, I didn't finish your comment, half of it did t even make sense. But I was honestly thanking that person for not doing something that annoys me on FML. Sorry you felt the need to disagree and write a novel to prove your point. And I honestly don't care if I have thumbs up or down, I just say what I want to say (and I dont even know what's "trendy" on the Internet moron). You seem to be one of those people who always assume they know everything about someone. Good job.

I can't believe I just took the time to read 71's comment -___-

95- You obviously didn't get the irony of 71's comment. His point was to make a huge ass comment complaining about huge ass comments. That's why it's funny.

95- You've got to be kidding me......

Rainbowbright99 4

Please tell me it was during the "speak now or forever hold your peace," segment.

It'd really suck if at that moment the loud video was of him and the bride 2 weeks prior

OP's a girl so I'm sure the groom would have no problem with that

Hope it wasn't the one you Dont want your kids seeing…

robinhood007 9

I most likely would've given you a dirty look if I was there.

robinhood007 9

That's something you do before you go to the's extremely rude to interrupt a wedding like that.

unknown_user5566 26

It wasn't like OP intentionally interrupted the wedding. Relax.

Trisha_aus 15

Wasn't intentional, it was an accident. Chill your boxers

robinhood007 9

Intentional or not, rude is rude. I'd expect the same treatment if it was me.

unknown_user5566 26

I disagree. Rudeness originates from intentional actions. While not the best situation, this was clearly an accident, and therefore not "rude".

48- You must be one of those uptight individuals that thinks like "Look at that cuntbag sneeze during this test like they own the place. The nerve of them."

SOTY, I've been on here 3 days and you're headed to the top of my "people I like" list. Just thought I'd say.

robinhood007 9

Haha SOTY sneezing is something people cannot help and therefore it would be wrong to be upset with them about it and I honestly don't care who disagrees or thumbs me down. Just shows me the rude society I live in and I actually understand manners whiles others obviously don't. Or maybe FML is just rampant with morons, who knows? Let's start the thumbing down now.

94, you are contradicting yourself now. First you said whether or not something is intentional it is still rude. Well I can't intentionally sneeze but, by your logic, it isn't rude because I can't control it. Just like OP couldn't control making a mistake no one can control doing other things people consider rude.

It was pr0n wasn't it?

Yes it was pr0n! Because thinking it was porn would be just absurd!

onealmxwilson 18

I could be mistaken, but I think it was a Ray William Johnson reference.

beastseclipse 9

It's an "Arby 'n the Chief" reference

I hope that awkward moment didn't last for too long!