By Anonymous - 18/5/2021 22:01

Hard no

Today, not to be "that guy" but my wife quit her job from fear of COVID, we have no kids, so am I really unreasonable to expect that she might do SOME of the housework instead of none of it, and then asking me if I would mind doing the dishes and laundry as soon as I get home? FML
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By  tgem  |  4

I have always firmly believed that is the trade off that happens when a wife stays at home, especially without children. I have a child myself and I am still able to do all my wifely duties with my baby on my hip.
Plus, I really enjoy taking care of my man and showing off all my skills with pride.

By  rotflqtms_  |  19

She is taking advantage of you. She was home all day making a mess and expects you to do her dishes? heck nah. Now, if you both worked and she prepared dinner when she got home and the dishes were from that, it'd be fair to ask to do those dishes or share the chores, but other than that, you make a mess, you clean it up. Don't put dishes in the sink. Wash the stuff you use right away, end of story, full stop.
Fold your clothes and put them away if she did your laundry, and she puts her stuff away. I'm not responsible for other people's clothes either unless I'm at home and have nothing else to do, unless it's a day off from work and I'm resting for another long stretch.

By  penguinwaddle  |  10

Sorry, OP. Unless she’s dealing with a mental illness such as depression, she should be taking care of ALL the housework while not working. Now, when she gets a job again, y’all should spilt it 50/50 unless one of you is working a lot more hours. Even then it should be spilt still. Try talking to her and see if she’s ok mentally. Could be something deeper going on.