By cmd102 - 20/10/2011 21:18 - United States

Today, I called my boyfriend to see if he wanted to come over to my house. He said he couldn't because he was out of town. That would have be perfectly acceptable, if I hadn't called him on his house phone. FML
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should've mentioned that to him

Beebow_fml 5

Go "check on his house" for him.


should've mentioned that to him

Ya that would've turned it around and made it his FML

He's a great big phony! A home phony!

Maybe he made calls forward to his cell automatically?

LiveLaughFML 10

if you started the conversation with "hey, where are you?" after calling his house phone, i would understand his sarcastic response with him saying he's out of town. :-)

Maybe it was actually his evil twin?

I don't know how my bad pun got thumbed up

44- stfu you suck balls

Obvious douche is madbro

52-well if he sucks balls then u swallow.

LiyIa_fml 8

60- amazing come back. Why cant the rest of the world have better insults and or come backs???? "Bitch, slut, etc..." gets old and looses all creativity.

Because if I replied with something smart or witty it gives him the opportunity to comment back but by saying something stupid he won't because his come back would be worse.

tittymagic 0

I don't even know what happened, and all of a sudden some douche on his period gets all pissed off...

hubla 0

You know there is a way to have your home calls forwarded to your cellphone for when you go out of town

Mr.Turtle! There's something wrong with your hand!!! D:

SirObvious 1


deadly turtle do you happen to be related to Deidera

No? I'm a turtle Haha there's nothing wrong with my hand but something horribly right xD

I'm on an FML favorite list! My life goal is finally complete!


Hahaha, dumb ass...

shali14 0


icefshng8 9

No. Ops boyfriend just had a headache

They might live in different towns

Mobile house phone strikes again

rdotson06 1

Lmmfao. It always does

Call forwarding.

178- yes, yes you were.

avelasquez1428 3

You live in leesville,TX? If you do, I used to live in funny

shali14 0

No, I do not live in Texas.

blueberry_211 0

Silly boys these days

hilary56 0

More like stupid, how did the guy not realize this?

people in general these days.

I've had girls give me worse excuses.

For obvious reasons...

TheSnakeDoctor20 17

110- it happen all the time to you, doesn't it?

Yeah, almost as much as you. But I can't be that much of a failure with women

KiddNYC1O 20


I agree. Maybe he was forwarding his calls, but who knows. Maybe he's just dumb.

Just like when my ex cheated on me apparently she tripped and fell on his dick.

Beebow_fml 5

Go "check on his house" for him.

Anyone hear of Call Forwarding?

To ops bf-stupidity is a bitch

Understanding your scentence was a bitch, #5.

JustLetItHappen 2

Spelling sentence is a bitch.

@55 - iz prfclty understud it 0k? dere thz tings c4lld cmprhension skeelz. sheesh. n0need to b a dck. nt hrad2 understud. kkthxbai

58 - I can understand it perfectly, but sometimes I just want a decently written sentence (got it this time!) that takes no efort to understand.

MrBoredGuy 1

Effort* Sorry I had to

Just saying 86 if your 31 is it really appropriate to make fun of a younger child who is clearly not 18?

My one and only desire in life is to become part of the grammar police when I grow up.

LSU33DucKAholiC 0

Thank you jsfromga...?

twisted_cherub 14

I thank you. It would seem that, along with the ability to communicate with other people in person, the age of texting has obliterated proper grammar and correct spelling.

@106 you're*

@bartjeofzeau- My poor typing was intentional. I was mocking #55. Like #78 and others have said they understood what I typed. Unless you're mentally impaired my comment shouldn't have been too difficult to understand. There is really no need to keep getting defensive over a nonsensical comment that was in no way serious. 30 people found my comment amusing. I'm not illiterate. Stop trolling. KKThxbai.

Shoulda said that's funny cause I'm looking in your window now

Shaddo_fml 0

Call forwarding u idiot

Gloritank 8

Don't know why this was thumbed down. Call forwarding is a possibility.

Gloritank 8

Don't know why this was thumbed down. Call forwarding is a possibility.

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

I use it all the time

dancer050 0

Dump his ass...

Those new portable houses are all the rage nowadays.

I think they actually exist. You can fold them up and put them on a truck. Alternatly, trailer homes.

But can you put them in your pocket? We can only dream...

No! We must simply enlarge the pocket!

jePomme 0

I believe that's called the TARDIS pocket.

ArielTheMermaid 17

9 made me lol :)

go over there and confront his stupid ass.

One cannot simply confront an ass

My husband confronts my ass all the time...but we don't exactly call it that 0.0

17- xD lol win

CyonideCyns 0

68-Win :)