By Anonymous - 23/11/2011 22:58 - United States

Today, I was jogging around the neighborhood when I went past a bar. There were lots of drunk men outside telling me to come over so they could give me the night of my life. One of those men was my grandpa. FML
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ilyuhms 0

my grandpa only watches tv and farts

Nolnah 14

Well, did you go over? What a dumb question of course you did. :p


ilyuhms 0

my grandpa only watches tv and farts

Ha your grandpa sounds funny,hmm where all the drunk guys old? Poor OP :p

Milai kanis elinika?

(Cleveland voice) that's nasty

youngbuck10 9

Were*. Sorry, someone had to :)

Next time, try jogging in a park

^^ or try jogging earlier than sunset.

1 that's what OP thought...

Guess those guys were think GDILF? (Granddaughter i'd like to..)

omgcookeys 15

My grandpa poops and sleeps.

MaddySwaggedUp 0

LMFAO. Best comment

nicoleclark 0

Ewww that's so gross! Fyl indeed Op!!! :(

Haha that's pretty awkward!

I know right! I mean jogging :/ what kind of people do THAT!

Hmm I was thinking the awkward part was the grandpa telling the grand daughter he'll give her the night of her life. But I guess that's normal in your family.

I think you misunderstood that I was being ironical because your comment was so lame obvious... Though people on FML are eager to thumb down anything cynical, ironical or sarcastic, everything as obvious as "oh yeah I agree your life sucks" is generally accepted. And my grandpa says he likes you.

I didn't find it lame.... ._.

lame obvious... siigh looks like you guys like it, I'll go with the flow; FYL op! hope it isn't going to be too awkward at xmas!!! ;$ (feel free to thumb down, it'll make you feel better)

builditbetter09 3

I thumbed you down since you offered.

34- We don't automatically thumb down irony or sarcasm - just look at some of the regulars. We thumb down comments that aren't funny when they so obviously try to be.

I got your comment, Waldo. I agree, the comment of theirs was lame obvious. People are slow here. They'll catch up one day. OH NO THUMBS DOWN.

Grandpa keeps it in the family!

So you are saying that your grandpa doesn't deserve a time of his life??

tiffanyamberlee 0


TKmax 5

How did that comment make you laugh.

It was funny?

It was funny?

TKmax 5

Unlike yours I guess.

That's sick, it's incest!

Someone doesn't understand the concept of humor.

No, not when it happened to my sister u bastard

But that doesnt mean he should have "fun" with his own grand daughter, its just messed up.

I'm sorry but someone had to say it, I'll save you all the trouble. WINCEST!!!

Nobody INTELLIGENT wanted to say it.

me_gusta_eso 1

Stop. Just stop.

Why do people say "wincest " in the first place? I don't get how incest can ever be a win

me_gusta_eso 1

It is to rednecks.

Nolnah 14

Well, did you go over? What a dumb question of course you did. :p

SpeshulK 0

And she received the night of her life

Of course she went over. Everyone wants to get banged by there grandpa :P

I was going to ask the same question

Haha rite lol

The older the drunker

TKmax 5

Of all the comments you have ever posted. Is this your best.

67- that's what she said.

Atleast it wasnt your father!!!

Because it being her grandpa is soooooo much better -_-

there's a bar in your neighborhood?.. jealous.

jazzy_123 20

There's none in yours???

Lol I used to live 1 min from a bar, walking. Now I moved I like 5-10 min from a better bar, walking. BE JELLY! xD

But..... I want to be Peanut Butter:(

I'm allergic.