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Today, I was jogging around the neighborhood when I went past a bar. There were lots of drunk men outside telling me to come over so they could give me the night of my life. One of those men was my grandpa. FML
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my grandpa only watches tv and farts

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Well, did you go over? What a dumb question of course you did. :p


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my grandpa only watches tv and farts

Ha your grandpa sounds funny,hmm where all the drunk guys old? Poor OP :p

youngbuck10 9

Were*. Sorry, someone had to :)

Guess those guys were think GDILF? (Granddaughter i'd like to..)

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Ewww that's so gross! Fyl indeed Op!!! :(

I know right! I mean jogging :/ what kind of people do THAT!

Hmm I was thinking the awkward part was the grandpa telling the grand daughter he'll give her the night of her life. But I guess that's normal in your family.

I think you misunderstood that I was being ironical because your comment was so lame obvious... Though people on FML are eager to thumb down anything cynical, ironical or sarcastic, everything as obvious as "oh yeah I agree your life sucks" is generally accepted. And my grandpa says he likes you.

lame obvious... siigh looks like you guys like it, I'll go with the flow; FYL op! hope it isn't going to be too awkward at xmas!!! ;$ (feel free to thumb down, it'll make you feel better)

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I thumbed you down since you offered.

34- We don't automatically thumb down irony or sarcasm - just look at some of the regulars. We thumb down comments that aren't funny when they so obviously try to be.

I got your comment, Waldo. I agree, the comment of theirs was lame obvious. People are slow here. They'll catch up one day. OH NO THUMBS DOWN.

So you are saying that your grandpa doesn't deserve a time of his life??

I'm sorry but someone had to say it, I'll save you all the trouble. WINCEST!!!

Why do people say "wincest " in the first place? I don't get how incest can ever be a win

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Nolnah 14

Well, did you go over? What a dumb question of course you did. :p

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And she received the night of her life

Of course she went over. Everyone wants to get banged by there grandpa :P

Because it being her grandpa is soooooo much better -_-

there's a bar in your neighborhood?.. jealous.

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Lol I used to live 1 min from a bar, walking. Now I moved I like 5-10 min from a better bar, walking. BE JELLY! xD