By rockyrocket - 26/04/2011 19:19 - Canada

Today, I was out shopping. It was fine until my dental crossbow broke as I was laughing. The springs locked, and I couldn't close my mouth. The orthodontist couldn't see me for two hours, leaving me to walk around town with my mouth hanging open like a psychopath. FML
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hey guys, I didn't have room to write this in my post, but I was visiting another town 60 minutes away from mine, so I couldn't just go home and wait, and the office was closed that day so I couldn't wait there bebcause no one would be there until the orthodontist arrived. So I was pretty much out of luck :p


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A crossbow dentists use to remove teeth. Fairly effective.

im lucky i had braces and rubberbands but spacers expanders, they all suck. good luck, op. i hope you dont have them on long...

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this happened to me in middle school. it sucks pretty bad.

dude she has a crossbow in her mouth, how can that suck. is there a button in her mouth you have to press with your toung or something? and if the spring broke then why didn't you get a bolt through the lip?

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wrong use of the word psychopath. But I see your point. fyl.

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52 that made me laugh out loud, epic win

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60&59, I officially love you both. *presses metaphorical like button*

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Dental crossbow sounds a little more Fable. Or, dare I say it, Duke Nukem?!

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Woo! This calls for a mac and cheese party?

definitely, bro. I am down with that, bro.

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It'll be the MissBunny Special.

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41 I can't tell if your trolling or just stupid

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actually I have a crossbow too. it isn't for removing teeth, in this case. mine is to move my jaw forward to eliminate my overbite. sucks op

Sorry this to funny now people looking at me funny as I struggle for breath

That is funnier than the post itself

Yeah, on the bright side, at least OP doesn't drive a motorcycle.

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I bet people looked at you funny. LOL funny mental picture...

Speaking of pictures I wonder if people took pictures of it. That would be funny. Not to OP but to everyone else.

lol haja 6 I got a mental picture too.. that would be hilarious to see in person

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that's exactly what I'm sayin, it's a hilarious visual

The mental picture I got from this fml was of that omg kitty.

lmao. I was thinking the same thing. my boyfriend said I was retarded.

Ouch! I probably would have gone home.

any guy would have loved to have had you in those two hours

FYL if you have to force girls mouths open for oral.

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lmao i seriously laughed out loud at the mental image this gave me=D haha now my dads looking at me like IM the phychopath =)

*psychopath you're almost as bad as the people who say "physco".

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They were probably expecting you to yawn or scream.