By rockyrocket - 26/04/2011 19:19 - Canada

Today, I was out shopping. It was fine until my dental crossbow broke as I was laughing. The springs locked, and I couldn't close my mouth. The orthodontist couldn't see me for two hours, leaving me to walk around town with my mouth hanging open like a psychopath. FML
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hey guys, I didn't have room to write this in my post, but I was visiting another town 60 minutes away from mine, so I couldn't just go home and wait, and the office was closed that day so I couldn't wait there bebcause no one would be there until the orthodontist arrived. So I was pretty much out of luck :p

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Not as badass as my dental catapult.

dental crossbow..?


dental crossbow..?

takeapieandrun 9

A crossbow dentists use to remove teeth. Fairly effective.

im lucky i had braces and rubberbands but spacers expanders, they all suck. good luck, op. i hope you dont have them on long...

overthelimit 3

this happened to me in middle school. it sucks pretty bad.

dude she has a crossbow in her mouth, how can that suck. is there a button in her mouth you have to press with your toung or something? and if the spring broke then why didn't you get a bolt through the lip?

danab_fml 0

wrong use of the word psychopath. But I see your point. fyl.

Not as badass as my dental catapult.

This2Rudy 7

52 that made me laugh out loud, epic win

C6Racer 0

Sounds more suited to GOW

Idonebeenhad 17


60&59, I officially love you both. *presses metaphorical like button*

every1luvsvag 10

Dental crossbow sounds a little more Fable. Or, dare I say it, Duke Nukem?!

C6Racer 0

Woo! This calls for a mac and cheese party?

definitely, bro. I am down with that, bro.

om nom nom!! XD

C6Racer 0

It'll be the MissBunny Special.

Totally fucking homemade.

Yea wht is that

Alysin 14

41 I can't tell if your trolling or just stupid

xXCherrryBombXx 6

actually I have a crossbow too. it isn't for removing teeth, in this case. mine is to move my jaw forward to eliminate my overbite. sucks op

Not at all! I died laughing

Sorry this to funny now people looking at me funny as I struggle for breath

That is funnier than the post itself

callofduty4life 0

Oral, anyone?

Your picture makes it funnier XD

And the number of comments he's made, 69 :D

nice avenged sevenfold nightmare album cover xD

HA I was thinking the same thing #2

there's nothing nice about a7x. Bullet all the way baby!!!!

How many flies did you swallow?

Yeah, on the bright side, at least OP doesn't drive a motorcycle.

I wish I was there to see that. Too funny!!!


brookeec 0

I bet people looked at you funny. LOL funny mental picture...

Speaking of pictures I wonder if people took pictures of it. That would be funny. Not to OP but to everyone else.

lol haja 6 I got a mental picture too.. that would be hilarious to see in person

Marianette 0

want an illustrates FML

justmyluck1212 0

that's exactly what I'm sayin, it's a hilarious visual

The mental picture I got from this fml was of that omg kitty.

lmao. I was thinking the same thing. my boyfriend said I was retarded.

Ouch! I probably would have gone home.

any guy would have loved to have had you in those two hours

FYL if you have to force girls mouths open for oral.

monkeebalz 0

i only need 30 seconds

best thirty seconds of your life?

every1luvsvag 10

She could be my wife.

xXgUeSsWhAtXx 9

lmao i seriously laughed out loud at the mental image this gave me=D haha now my dads looking at me like IM the phychopath =)

*psychopath you're almost as bad as the people who say "physco".

Cause those people are soooo terrible... -_-

sailorzoe 14

They were probably expecting you to yawn or scream.

how many psychopaths walk around with their mouth open?

I do that all the time.

Don't tell me you haven't seen any! where have you been, locked up in the bathroom?!

robc32ca 4

in Canada? 3

RinzlerTLS 2