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Today, 30 seconds after waking up and shuffling into the bathroom, the mother of all spiders lost its fight with gravity and fell into my lap while I was peeing. I went from 0-100 wide awake and screaming at 6am. FML

By ScaredShitless - / Tuesday 1 May 2018 00:30 / United Kingdom - Sheffield
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By  John Nemeth  |  13

That sounds so familiar I was just making a web this morning in a bathroom. I was almost done when some sort of mechanism sucked in my web and I fell off. luckily some human was there and I safely landed on them. Then they started screaming! Haven’t you humans seen a spider before?

By  Chazzster  |  19

It can be very startling and a bit terrifying if spiders are one of your fears to have one drop on you! I know because I was in a meeting once and a big hairy spider dropped on my chest. Nobody but me saw the spider - but everyone saw me freak out!

OP you have my sympathy.

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