By my bad - 24/9/2020 01:58 - United States

Brain fart

Today, I went out with my friend and her boyfriend. Not knowing him very well, I accidentally called him by her ex’s name. He took that as a sign she was still seeing the ex and dumped her on the spot. She’s now not speaking to me for ruining her life. I’m just bad with names. FML
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Right, because not once have you never called anyone or anything by the incorrect name.

Think back, a book title, a game name, a movie, a character, a pet, a family member, a friend, you’ve gotten them all 100%? You sure? Photographic memory maybe? Phonetic memory?

How about you take your perfect never made an accident ass and go fuck yourself with a painful stick. Cause you’re just fucking rude and definitely hypocritical and this is in no way a satirical comment on the situation, so don’t even try using that as a defense.

  Sady_Ct  |  37

My dad dated this total PSYCHO. My dad chose my name when I was born, and called me by that name for 23 years until he first started dating her. I am now 32 and they have broken up for the third time. For almost 10years he has called me by her name, and I fucking hate the bitch as does the rest of the family, so being called by that name seriously makes my blood boil.

Her name is Michelle, mine is Ricarla, so they are not even close, we don’t even look
Similar etc.

Dad knows how I feel about being called by her name and yet he genuinely has issues with names, and there are plenty of other people out there with similar issues.

By  Vorkujiil  |  6

lmao bruv, I'm sorry, but if the dude doesn't feel secure enough in his relationship, he didn't deserve it. if he really was something special... at least you ruined someone's life 😂

By  Chelsea Schattner  |  9

Don't feel bad OP, I also am terrible with names. I have literally blanked on a person's name for weeks. I can't stand it but I can't fix my brains refusal to cooperate on remembering names.