By browniepoints - 07/02/2010 00:09 - United States

Today, it dawned on me that the most romantic thing my husband has done in the last three years, was a put a wedding ring on his xbox avatar. FML
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You can't let them get away with this stuff. I've been with my husband since '78, made it legal in '82, so I ought to know. Take charge. Ask nicely to go out on a date, and if he doesn't agree, make a scene. Come on, you must remember how to do that!

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it is kind of depressing that so many women act content with a relationship and think things like the OP. step up your game and make him want to take you out or what not

this is a lie, those avatars thing came out 2 years ago!! ha!

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uhmm yeah she said in the last 3 yrs....what i wanna know is..WHY THE HELL ARE YOU STILL WITH HIM?

and what have you done romantic in the last three years? I bet you've done nothing as wise or romantic as he has done... what a couple gone to waste it just gives me a 

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if u quit being a prud and give up some bjs you might get some results

YDI for marrying a video game addicted loser. You need to take charge.