By Shadowfigure23 - 10/07/2009 22:28 - United States

Today, I spent most of my morning comforting the guy I love because his fiancée dumped him for some other guy. He continuously told me I had no clue that kind of pain he was in. He dumped me three years ago for the girl that just left him. FML
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why do you still love him when he left you for someone else?

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Karma hit him right in the face!


why do you still love him when he left you for someone else?

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better yet, why are you comforting that ungrateful bastard? Tell him he's getting a taste of his own medicine.

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i don't know that i'd be cruel to him, but she deserves it for being his doormat.

She seems quite desperate, and deserves all the pain he makes her go through if she just takes it.

#3, how is he an ungrateful bastard? He thought that the OP and him woulden't work apparently, so he broke up with her. Atleast he didn't cheat, like a number of guys do. He didn't think they would work, doesen't make him an ungrateful bastard. And maybe he didn't know that she still had feelings for him?

YDI for....not getting over it after three years, deciding to comfort him for karma, and assuming that your dumping is the equivalent to his fiancee dumping him.

You're all self righteous idiots. You don't control your feelings towards someone. You can sit there feeling happy about yourselves but you have no idea if you some day will be in the same situation feeling the same pain.

If you remain in love with somebody for three years after they've dumped clearly haven't been trying hard enough to get over them. Yes, it is her fault.

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trading up is as good as cheating because you have to establish the new relationship while you're still with your current partner. and you can't control your feelings towards someone - what you CAN change is your actions. tolerating him saying you just don't understand his pain is a dick move. OP, you should have slapped that self-absorbed prick down so he'd stop being such a "nobody knows what it's like to be me" emo douchebag. you get as good as you give. and as long as you're holding his hand through all his selfish faggotry he's not going to change

Really, she just needs to get over him and find new friends. That's it. There should be no slapping involved... hell, there should even be no COMFORTING involved. She should have dropped him like a rock when he dumped her and found somebody else. She definitely deserves this.

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@79: How old are you, twelve? It's not that easy.

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and y is ur life fuckd because of it?

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That's exactly what I was wondering as I read this fake FML!

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That's not the point , though. She went through the same thing when he broke up with her. Yet, he's telling her that she couldn't understand the pain of breakup. He's a douche for being so selfish (yes, even when he's upset).

Yeah, why do you feel feelings still? What's up with that?

You shoulda laughed and told him: What goes around, comes around.. I can't believe you're comforting him.. That's real sad on your part.. FYL. And it's been 3 years?.. Probably time to move on.. Find someone else.. Or you could try to get back with him and wait for the inevitable..

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sounds to me like he got what he deserved. not really an FML to you

I agree, and he doesn't deserve you. You know exactly how he feels, probably worse in a way. I'm sorry you still love him though. It's hard.

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Karma hit him right in the face!

I feel so sorry for you. if you can't forget him after three years, **** your life. I hope you get another chance or you'll be able to get over it.

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wow what a douche. Get far away from him.

And you still love him? Get over that idiot and look for a good man.