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Today, my mother-in-law called me every 2 hours, starting at 8pm and stopping at 10am the following morning. She says that since my wife and I are expecting our first child, I should "get used to waking up at all hours." She calls my work phone, which I'm not allowed to switch off. FML
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Hey, OP here. I would have mentioned in the FML that my work phone is one of those "dumb phones" and does not have any option to block numbers. After she did that for two nights in a row, I wound up setting one of the fax machine at my office to auto-dial her mobile and house phones every 15 minutes. Now, the only thing that wakes me up is the occasional user who forgot their login info, and my wife's odd food cravings.

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She should be letting you enjoy your rest while you can instead..


She should be letting you enjoy your rest while you can instead..

That's very true. My mom told me to enjoy it while I can because they don't like letting you sleep. Well, that's very true for me. If OP's mom were my mother in law I would break all her phones.

It's disrespectful. She's a monster-in-law that tries to control their life and if I were OP, I'd tell my partner to talk to their mom.

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I agree. Sleep is going to be such a highly valued thing for OP in the near future!

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repeat after me... Booooundries

My reaponse would be "When my baby is waking me at all hours in the night, it'll mean it finally has a life-something you obviously don't have."

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Get an app to block her number maybe?

You know that there is a button for that right?

And it's a button you should be very familiar with 81. Considering it's all your comments ever see.

My exact thought or repay the favor so she knows what's like to not being able to sleep more then 2 hours, but make it 15 min instead.

Once again, the most obvious answer is successful. Who would have thought?

22 If she called every two hours, she also didn't sleep longer than two hours. As well, she's obviously had a kid, OPs wife, so she must have gone through this before and knows what it's like. That being said, I agree he should block her. Just because it will happen doesn't mean it has to prematurely.

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Call her back 15 minutes afterwards. And call her constantly from work. Bet SHE is sleeping during the day. I like your back :D

On Android you can usually set a 'black list'. My children started sleeping through the night within the week they each came home from hospital, so don't expect the worst, be prepared though.

Just leave it outside or something and pray you don't get a real call.

Block a phone number on a work phone? Doesn't seem like a particularly good idea.

Block the number and go to bed. I don't see why this is even an fml.

#85, I had the same thought at first, however I'm sure OP's boss would understand if they were to ever find out.

Couldn't he just put his phone on silent?

#145, he's probably not allowed to switch his phone off because hes on-call. If his work needs him, then he has to be able to hear his phone ring to wake him up. It should be possible to make it silent just for his mother-in-law though.

what a bitch. turn off phone or just block her number

he just said he was not allowed to switch it off...

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@16 this is FML, reading comprehension is as scarce as common sense

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Have friends call her too so it's never ending!

or put her number on craigslist. is that the most mature way of handling things? absolutely not but hey...

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Guess she has nothing better to do

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Maybe she just needs more friends!

Block her number all phones have the feature standard

#21 - pretty sure most, if not all, do. many years ago when i had a brick nokia phone, even that had the block a number option. it may be called different things, but every phone i have had has had that option.

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I didn't have a blocking option on my phone. I do now, but it's the newest version of the phone. Sorry, not ALL phones have an option to block numbers.

Not all phone's have this feature. Many carriers reserve that as something you have to do thru them so they can charge you for it. Even with newer smartphones. You can get apps that route your calls thru them allowing you to block for free or less then your carrier, but you may not like the other features involved and some still cause your phone to ring, only briefly such as 1 ring, before sending to voicemail. Also, as this is a business phone, OP may not have the option of doing anything to cause additional charges to the bill.

getting downvoted because i said most, if not all do? any phone i have ever looked at either in store or my own phone, has had the option to block a number without involving the carrier or having to charge as its an option of the phone. sorry to offend people by posting my opinion about all the phones i've seen.

'call blocker' on android is perfect. I use it to block my dad's number. all it does is give you a silent notification on the notifications bar but you have the option to switch it off. all free.

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Next time she calls, don't answer and when she talks to you in person say you don't exactly have to pay attention to the baby either.....

Thats a good way for him to get slapped by his mother in law AND his wife....

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That's worse than any of my kids were!