By tylah - 23/06/2012 15:11 - United States - Piscataway

Today, the mall got evacuated while I was getting my hair colored. I am now standing outside of a crowded mall, wearing a showercap. FML
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perdix 29

If you leave the chemicals in too long, your hair will fall out. Balding is cute ;)

nightowl713 25

At least you are safe! You can always fix your hair later:)


nightowl713 25

At least you are safe! You can always fix your hair later:)

Yeah but... That must be a little bit embarrassing

I say YDI for not liking your natural hair colour.

nightowl713 25

@10 I don't see how it could be horribly embarrassing. I mean they were all evacuated from the mall. Anyone with sense can see the dye cap and deduce she was in the salon.I can't see myself pointing at her and saying"ha! Look at that girl in the shower cap! She looks so dumb!" I may be wrong though.

Oh yeah good point but im not saying it would b extremely humiliating or anything I'm just saying I might feel a little silly that's all

Aug1508 9

Well It would suck if her hair fell out for having the dye on for so long.

Act like that's how you always have your hair and use this as an opportunity to flirt. with EVERYONE.

jajaflan 4

Sometimes i feel like a grape so i sit in the Shower and cry until a carrot comes

MindFreakazoid 10

14 - I agree honestly, hair colors are never bad :) brunettes are casual, blondes are pretty, gingers are awesome, white hair is cool and so on, but FYL, op :3

What exactly does "casual" mean in that context?

CaramelMacchiato 13

14 - OP could have grey hairs like that person in the other FML and was dying their hair the same color. There are so many reasons as to why OP is dying their hair, so don't be so quick to assume that it's because "she doesn't like her hair color." Also, OP could like their natural hair color, but it's always good to try something different and expand your boundaries!

14- I love my natural hair color. But, I dye it all the time. Why? I feel that like makeup, piercings and tattoos, dying your hair is a creative way to express yourself. It's not just a self esteem thing... Sometimes it takes lots of courage and confidence to dye your hair a bold new color.

63- Well that was a major stereotype overload... What you stated is completely based on I'm assuming, your 13 years of experience. I don't think it would be very nice if I was to say all people born in 1999 are stupid... Stereotypes are nasty, and categorize the human race. -_-

105: I like your principles, and I hope you stick to them. That said, in the interests of trolling, I'm gonna have to disagree with you: Speaking as a gender-conforming adult male, I think dying one's hair is a ridiculous--albeit harmless--vanity mainly aimed at women and teenage girls. You can say what you like self-expression, but to me hair dye is just another way for the beauty industry to waste womens' money and time on something unnecessary.

I like the way you think sir... I'm not gonna argue with you haha, because everyone is entitled to their opinions and I think that is great. I enjoy hearing others opinions. That being said, I cannot stand it when people say others die their hair, or wear "lots" of makeup, because they have low self esteem. It's definitely not always the case.

117: I'm glad we could resolve this so amicably. Good day to you, Miss!

MindFreakazoid 10

I'm surrounded by idiots. What do you think casual means? Are you that thick? And no those weren't stereotypes they were if anything my opinions, a stereotype would saying something like 'omg your a ginger lol go steal souls' and did I say that? No. I thought not. Gods people THINK when you red next time ._.

Octain 13

You can't fix your hair if the dye sits in for a long ass time and you fry the crap outta it O_o"

Octain-You're wrong. I've had my hair completely fried and so has my sister, lots of bleaching and lots of hair dying. About 6 or so years of it, and our hair is not in perfect condition but we damn well got our hair healthy again. And you know what? All we did was use keratin shampoo, conditioner, and I even have keratin infused blow dryer and flat iron that I don't use anymore to minimize heat damage. It's so easy to reverse damage. But EXPENSIVE. So be careful.

138 - I can guarantee we are not all "god's" people. I know for fact I'm not. And you're thirteen. You don't even learn all of the proper forms and crammed of the English language until the end of high school. So stop calling people illiterate. It's really obnoxious.

138 - I can guarantee we are not all "god's" people. I know for fact I'm not. And you're thirteen. You don't even learn all of the proper forms and crammed of the English language until the end of high school. So stop calling people illiterate. It's really obnoxious.

MerrikBarbarian 9

115- I disagree with you on that. I've dyed my hair various colours, many far from fashionable, for over a decade now. I do it as a way of expressing myself, sometimes for volunteer things, and also as social experiment. People have stereotypes about colours so it's fun to pick a colour then act the opposite of the stereotype... And watch as people get confused. Hair dye can be great for rl trolling ;) Anyways, there are plenty of pointless, money wasting things in the world... Tv, video games, junk food... Yet I bet you happily partake in those. If it makes someone happy, then dying hair is no different from say watching tv or munching donuts.

MindFreakazoid 10

155- Wrong. I said 'gods' not 'god's', I like the Egyptian gods. And wrong again. You're wrong because I'm excelling so far in language arts I've got a college level, so I'm PAST your foolish high school level. I'm pretty sure I know more than you, considering you mixed up gods with god's. And just for the record: age doesn't really matter, maturity does, that of which none of you have.

KiwiKitten 2

How about you all just shut the **** up and let @63 be entitled to her opinions. You are all ******* idiots. I'm sure you all have an opinion no one else would like. And by the way, @63 is my little sister, and she's smarter than any of you could dream to be.

KiwiKitten 2

And @155, you're a dumb ass. G'day

^Uh-huh, sure. How about you and your "sister" go act smart somewhere else where you will most likely be called a ******* idiot.

ztferguson 0

Wow you must have a really hard life

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Maybe OP will get a discount or something

Maybe it was a divine sign from God saying "...DON'T COLOR YOUR DAMN HAIR" Maybe. Just maybe.

I don't understand why people on this site feel the need to thumb down sarcastic comments.

It's not the fact that it was sarcasm , it's the opinion that it wasn't funny.

They thumb them down because the sarcasm is annoying

bossroyd 4

One day OP will say she wore a shower cap in public before it was cool.

'I wore it before it was mainstream.'

5, is that fashion trend happen to be a burnt scalp from having bleach left on her head for too long? jk That would actually be quite painful! (I am aware the original poster did not specify what was being done to her hair but it is kind of funny to picture it).

perdix 29

If you leave the chemicals in too long, your hair will fall out. Balding is cute ;)

hockeyoceancity 13

In some spot yes it is, others not so much. :)

Like that one spot, on your lower back... So sexy!

unknown_user5566 26

Balding is totally cute. Rick from Pawn Stars? The things I'd do to that man. Mmm, mmm. ;)

Such as sell him your unwanted valuables?

unknown_user5566 26

111- Oh I'd give him some valuables, all right... ;)

perdix 29

#107, that balding in men is sexy is not controversial. It's weird when it comes to women, though, which is what was supposed to be funny. (I'm watching too many "Big Bang Theory" re-runs.)

Mario_lib 6

107- you're married. Right?

perdix 29

#127. It depends. If Rick from Pawn Stars asks, the answer is no. If it's you, she is definitely married.

unknown_user5566 26

127- Yes, I am. Does that mean I am no longer allowed to have a sense of humor? Perdix- You hit the nail right on the head. ;)

yaya1213 6

eh, I'm more of a hardcore pawn fan :)

This pretty much only applies to bleach and chemical treatments such some type of perm and you have to leave it on for an extremely long period of time. I almost always double the time on my dye, even bleach and most of the time my hair doesn't even get very damaged.

just saying, coming from a cosmetology student, hair color won't make your hair fall out, now if it was bleach, that could.

hockeyoceancity 13

Yeah she could have been robbed, her car stolen, family die in a accident in the mall and her seeing it happen, also her family pet get ran over then the whole world come to an end like in the movie "2012" and have her legs burnt off by the volcanic lava then been rescued by a group of demented people like in the movie "Hills have Eyes" that then torture her in a plane then she crash lands and suffers in pain untill she regains power to crawl to safety then an earthquake makes her fall into a hole having her arm stuck and having to cut it off with scissors she in her pocket which are very dull, when she hit the bone she passed out from pain, when she awoke she woke up back in the mall and then it starts to happen all over again like in "final destination" Look on the bright side OP you didn't have to read this long story of nothingness! or did you? To be continued...

56 - All I read was blah blah blah blah :/

hockeyoceancity 13

59- That's werid that is all i read when i saw your comment too!

70- If you didn't read, you're missing out. It.. It was... Beautiful! :')

mylifesucks_fml 1

And you're in Jersey? And I thought it couldn't get worse...

Have you ever actually been to new jersey? Do you know anything about it other than the tv shows? If not then shut the hell up.

PYLrulz 17

Bad traffic, worse drivers, taxes like crazy, and most of the cities are dumps. New Jersey... Feeding off of New York and Philadelphia for over 200 years

hockeyoceancity 13

88- Hey piece of shit. Pretty sure New york and Philly both have stadiums in our state so hmmm they are feeding off us? and also funny how when i go to the beach i see PA and NY people everywhere? Also funny how you think philly and new york doesn't have bad traffic, i couldn't care less if i get buried, you are a dumbass.

Someone here needs to chill the **** out. Not that I'll point fingers or name anyone.

89 he said you were feeding off ny and pa not that THEY were feeding off YOU. read more clearly next time

Bonzer 2

89- Holy shit. Take a joke, everyone knows not all parts on New Jersey is trash, and if they don't they are retarded. They are obviously joking.

Jersey isn't all bad. I mean, I wouldn't mind living there. Waay too many stereotypes going on about that place.

You guys act like PA and NY are the best places ever otherwise. NJ is a nice state, but just like all the other states it has it's fair share of defects like said NY and PA people and the taxes.

hockeyoceancity 13

95- I meant that sentence as in a question meaning, they are feeding off of us don't you think, so looks like you're the one misreading what i said so... and i can take a joke just hate people who talk shit like that, i love jokes or i wouldn't be on this? All there are jokes and fail jokes and those people who make statements. You can't really hear the tone of my voice over this app but i promise you i never get angery just curse when people talk shit.

124- Usually you've got some pretty decent comments. But in order to survive on FML, take a motherfucking joke. On the Xbox Live stalker post, they talked crap on the state I live in. But I didn't get all defensive and put down other states in the process. Okay? Cool your balls.

mylifesucks_fml 1

I was saying how usually all the shows in jersey are focused on women and their hair... And she's outside with a shower cap. I wasn't dissing jersey.. But whatever.

hockeyoceancity 13

136- I didn't put down any other states, just say the truth, New york is an amazing state, just everyone talks shit on this state because of the damn TV show. Funny how most of them are from Staten Island/ New York though except one. but thanks.

You could be outside of a mall wearing a body bag. Quit thinking about yourself so much.

What's wrong with you? Body bags are comfy. Half the time, you're enjoying the best sleep of your life, the other times you have a buddy in eternal sleep mode with you. What jolly fun! Too dark?

I doubt it was that serious of an event, that if OP stayed they would've died. But I might be wrong.

I was only trying to point out the notsoseriousness of the fml. Standing around in a shower cap is not a big a deal as the reason the mall was evacuated to begin with. Sure, it ended up being a false alarm, but what if it hadn't been?

If the OP thought that, they'd still be thinking about themselves. You're such trickster.

rosha267 21

At least you weren't getting it bleached

lmao! I imagined a character from a Dr. Seuss book.