By maggie - 30/11/2011 19:25 - United States

Today, I got a round brush stuck in my hair so badly that I couldn't get it out for 45 minutes, and had a panic attack. I had to drive through town with a brush dangling from my head, to the hair salon, and listen to them laugh while they got it out. FML
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For some reason, I pictured Mia from Princess Diaries when I read this.

xGraycloud 4

stuck & sticky don't relate to each other, dumbass.


Haha, that's totally something I would do. Don't feel bad OP!

Nolnah 14

Hey, look another comment that says "that sucks" what are the odds? you don't see many of those!

zuzupetalsYO 11

Hey look! Another comment puting down another comment!

Hey look, another comment correcting someone's spelling error! Putting*

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:/ 26- Your an idiot 30- I know... People on FML have nothing better to do than to do this. 40- LMAO :D

I'm with the people knocking the "that sucks" comments. Obviously it sucks... It's on FML...

Nolnah 14

69 - Of course people have nothing better to do with there time, thats why there on FML. People get on this website in there spare time... :)

You got the hair brush out your head. They'll forget this happened. Who gives a shit what they say?

106- obv op since it affected her so much than she posted her story here...

Actually 30 was referring to French, where pute is the slang term for bitch, ****, prostitute, *****, and worse, and adding "ing" to the end. Puting. Bitching. No, just kidding, 30 is unintelligent.

That's a sticky situation. Sorry. I couldn't help myself!

what the hell does a hair brush have to do with stickyness?

xGraycloud 4

stuck & sticky don't relate to each other, dumbass.

Don't call people a dumbass to make yourself seem smart. Dumbass... Wait...

2ndSucks 15

It's especially ineffective when you fail to realize that dumbass is one word.

Wow your joke really sucked.. Just throwing it out there..

That joke was just about as shitty as Carlos Mencia's stand-up.

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You could've helped yourself actually, and saved your comment from being buried.

Llama_Face89 33

108- oh that's low man... Pretty sure Carlos Mencia is far worse... Apologize! :P

Oh please, like they have never had to ask for help on something stupid before! OP, I hope you didn't have to pay. And if you did have to, I hope you didn't because that is just rude!

robc32ca 4

Isn't that the same as a bieber? And at that I agree there is never a time for a bieber!

That's why I don't use that type of brush

For some reason, I pictured Mia from Princess Diaries when I read this.

Haha couldve been worse. What if you had no car and had to run all the way there and look like a dumbass

rbr0wn 3

How long is yours? It's actually very easy to get one of those brushes stuck in your hair.

My hair is actually long too, not super long but I dont see how someone could manage that.

diidiimi 10

And use a serum or Moroccan oil or something. If your hair is prone to those sorts of knots there are ways to avoid them! Starting with step 1: cutting off the dead bits on the ends. Step 2: use an appropriate shampoo/conditioner. Step 3: serum or Moroccan oil. Step 4: only ever use a comb on wet hair. I completely sympathize with op's plight, but it's ultimately her own actions ( or lack thereof ) that led to this incident.

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sounds like your brush was just trolling you.

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I'm sorry I couldn't help it!! the Mario ice cream is just my favorite... I didn't think anyone else saw.

diidiimi 10

Omg! You had to go there! Aargh, the mental image!! There's nothing worse than bad personal grooming. :-(

Haha I have done that once, but with gum! I'm sure you can imagine the "sticky" situation I was in! Lol

Why is that a boo? I describe a lot of situations as "sticky"! I'm SORRY this just happens to be ironic! Gosh, you guys have no sense of humor!!!!

Hey, hey guess what mrrocket? SHUT UPPPPPP!!!!!

Llama_Face89 33

How is that the same situation?

I never said it was the same situation, I just meant that I had once experienced getting something removed that was stuck in my hair by laughing hairdressers also!

You know, I'm not even going to try with the 2 year old mr rocket anymore. Whatever! He can be an idiot all he wants.