By maggie - United States
Today, I got a round brush stuck in my hair so badly that I couldn't get it out for 45 minutes, and had a panic attack. I had to drive through town with a brush dangling from my head, to the hair salon, and listen to them laugh while they got it out. FML
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  Nolnah  |  14

69 - Of course people have nothing better to do with there time, thats why there on FML. People get on this website in there spare time... :)


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  bling87  |  0

Oh please, like they have never had to ask for help on something stupid before! OP, I hope you didn't have to pay. And if you did have to, I hope you didn't because that is just rude!

  diidiimi  |  10

And use a serum or Moroccan oil or something. If your hair is prone to those sorts of knots there are ways to avoid them! Starting with step 1: cutting off the dead bits on the ends. Step 2: use an appropriate shampoo/conditioner. Step 3: serum or Moroccan oil. Step 4: only ever use a comb on wet hair. I completely sympathize with op's plight, but it's ultimately her own actions ( or lack thereof ) that led to this incident.

  animalover721  |  3

I never said it was the same situation, I just meant that I had once experienced getting something removed that was stuck in my hair by laughing hairdressers also!