By FYouBoyfriend - 30/08/2010 17:51 - United States

Today, my boyfriend questioned why I always put my shirts in the dryer right before wearing them. I told him it was because the dryer causes my shirts to regain their form and tightness. His response: "You should throw your vagina in there along with them." FML
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MimE_fml 0

lmfao, nice

tell him your vagina is tight his penis is just too small. :)


MimE_fml 0

lmfao, nice

well...that made us wonder..

agree fucking hilarios

tell him your vagina is tight his penis is just too small. :)

haha. quit being a ho

oakhan34 0

10 win

amerrah 4

hahhaa win. lol

WhyTheFace4 0

*Re-re-comment* Burn!! Stop using forearm sized dildos, OP.

#40 is that a reference to another FML? and #10 W-I-N

WhyTheFace4 0

Yea. The one that was about dildos...and one being as big as the guys forearm...

yeah 47 it was, that fml was fucked up, lol

lmfaaoo i laughed so fcking hard !

hahaaa looks like your bf has a sense of humor and yooouuu need to loosen up. lol no wait, that's the opposite of what your bf wants. xD


hmmmm see this is why sex is bad yu get loose! good thing I don't do that

PanteraRules 0

You can put those in the dryer?

my vagina doesn't get loose for my boyfriend. or maybe I just have a flexible vagina lol

99, how do you have a boyfriend? Eww.

#103 It's pretty unnecessary to dis the appearance of others, especially when you don't have a picture of yourself up. Also, I don't see anything "ew" about #99! Not at all.

Graawr 7

Maybe you should do some kegel exercise?

awww look 103 is calling me ugly again, I guess i have a stalker, cute. shows how insecure you must be to now call me out on my looks more than once, or maybe you're just jealous that I can actually get a boyfriend?

knightknight 0

so true.

pretty risky move by the bf, hilarious one though. he must hate getting laid.

AbsoluteTurtle 0

your boyfriend is a funny guy.

PottentialFML 0

Fml seriously or 100 is actually very pretty same with nerdsgetmehot fuck off Mickey go find mini. That is all

OwN3d3d 0

your boyfriend = win

Mmcalz 0


I agree wit ir bf

99 or your boyfriend has a small penis. I think you oughta submit that."today, my boyfriends penis is so small we've had sex like 500 times and its the same as it was. FML"

Lol that was a good one, lol And I read that one too 40, lol

EricErection69 0

109 true she's actually really pretty

listen to 110 kegals to tighten that snatch back up

109 Some users here don't come here to check out boys/girls, rather they are here for the fml. Therefore, they don't require attention from other users. In fact, that is why some of the display pictures are attractive and are likely to be remembered.

ROFLMAO you have to admit it is funny


Your vagina's in the dryer!

that's a dumb reason to use the dryer. what a complete waste of energy, seriously, think green Op you selfish batch of cookies. :( as a tree hugger, I am pissed

50, that was a good. FML

yeah 140, my boyfriends penis is small, explains why I was kind of making fun of them with my first comment. the truth is, every time we have sex it hurts at first, I thought it would just hurt the first or second time, but nope, every time. also he had to buy mega sized condoms because the regular ones suffocated his cock. so no, he doesn't have a small penis AT All. I wouldn't normally 'brag' about my boyfriends cock but you saying it must be small even though I was making fun of small ones is dumb. that is all.

#175 Um. Well that was a little TMI...

drew1978 4

I think it would be no problem for u to get a boyfriend

177 now thinking about it it is lmao my bad

183, Mexicans have a saying that goes, " Tell me what you brag about, and I'll tell you what you lack,". You don't have to prove any of us, anything. Regardless, most of the people on here will not believe you. No one is interested in your sexual life, so we'd apreciate it, if you kept it to yourself. ;D

agreed for the TMI..... and anyway we dont really care about your boyfriend's penis..

I am not surprised.

mfmylifesrsly - why do u talk abt ur boyfriend in every post?? im starting to question the truth a lil'..

F-his life for having to use your flappy vagina.

Sorry OP, but your boyfriend's middle name is win

guess you should throw your vajayjay in the dryer, no? xD! i joke.

saraa96 0

why did girls go from "duck duck goose" to "fuck fuck loose"? -__-

ROFLMFAO yea, the guy didn't had right to say something like that. Remember kids always respect your girl :)

020266t 5

great idea

205 agreed. plus what she said at 10 wasn't a win at all. that's like the lamest comeback ever. basically like saying no ur ugly when someone calls you ugly

I believe you got 'pwned' x]

naww man it's just PWNED. damn straight.

Hahaha this is hilarious he's great! It was probably a joke which OP took too seriously.

sharmen 0

I'd kick his ass to the curb.

you_failed 15

that's soooo cruel x(

ha, well YDI for being loose ;p just kidding :D lmao your boyfriend is funny

keepsmiling1996 5


bigblue95 0


27 for the win of the day

LightningLadyy 0

39 for the win of the gay

59 win of the day

ME for the win of the day.

71 FAIL of the DAY

IPityTheFool 0

72 Win of the day

72 win of the day. I had to :D

I meant 75 o.o

sammehsaurus 0

All of you for the win of tomorrow! :D

bubbarific 0

78 Win of Tomorrow!

TaylorTotsYumm 10


Schizomaniac 24

Killer instinct!!!!

ok 93 win of the homosexual :l I hate people that say 'gay means happy' it does not fucking mean happy for chrissakes

EricErection69 0

27 rofllol ouch ouch ouch couch I loled like an (retard did I spell that right?)

all of you for the lol of the day ahah

zing! I'm sure it was a joke with a little truth in it at the same time.

WaylonD 4

I'm sure he didn't say vagina, lol

amymarie2767 0

loosey goosey!