By Unluckyducky - 19/07/2009 10:11 - United States

Today, I received a letter in the mail stating that I had won a trip to Cancun, Mexico. It looked like a scam so I threw it away. I later found out that it was a birthday present from my cousin and the envelope also contained a check for 5 thousand dollars to help cover some expenses. FML
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I went to Cancun about 10 days ago. Really pretty place. Too bad you won't see it. Unless you dig it out of the trash.

Your cousin shouldn't have made it look like junk mail.


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I would think any "FREE TRIP YOU WIN!" mail was a scam, too. FYL for having a cousin who, although being generous, doesn't think to send you mail you'll actually read without dismissing it instantly.

i would at least open the envelope first, just to be SURE it was a scam. you know what they say, when you assume you make an ass out of you and me.

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I don't even think companies DO those scams with snail mail anymore. And you didn't even check who sent it? YDI. Dumbass.

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they do! i got a scam in the mail a few weeks ago. it had a check in it for about 4 grand that i was supposed to cash, and then send back to them, to cover the "expenses" from claiming my actual "winning" of $250,000. yeah, i'll get right on that.

It probably wasn't "Free Trip" and they're just saying it because they're embarrassed. Also if you don't cash the cheque it doesn't detract. Fail FML.

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yeah, why would you "win a trip" from your cousins. most people just tell you that they're giving you a free trip

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You do realize that since the check was never deposited they just have to stop the first chech and write you a new chech for $5,000

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haha thats what you get for being a bitch btw first!!

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How was the OP a bitch? The cousin should have sent a personalized letter or given some sort of heads up that wouldn't ruin the surprise. I'd have thought it was a scam at first glance too. But if you tore up the check, it's just voided and your cousin should be able to write another one.

I don't think #3 even read the story, that's probably his generic "first" comment.

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I went to Cancun about 10 days ago. Really pretty place. Too bad you won't see it. Unless you dig it out of the trash.

i also wonder how safe it is with all the drug cartels going on a rampage

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Argh! I hate all the swine flu jokes!

Good luck digging Cancun out of the trash! Haha

Your cousin shouldn't have made it look like junk mail.

Yeah exactly! If you receive something that says "You have won a trip to Cancun, Mexico!" when you didn't even enter a competition for it, you'd instantly assume it was a scam. I don't blame you OP. That's just unfortunate. Your cousin, while really generous, is really stupid

How is the cousin stupid? It's the OPs fault for not fully checking 1) who sent it, 2) full contents of the envelope, 3) assuming it was junk mail. You know that is a huge reason that people don't hit the big money in the lottery. They make the really big winners in the scratch offs have teh same letter codes as the losers. That way when people look for the letter code and see losing letters, they throw away a big winnner. Nothing different here, just someone not patient enough or alert enough to check it out fully

People who are creative gives special gifts done in different and interesting ways all the time. So it looks like a "Winning Ticket"? Why wouldn't you notice that it came from a friend or relative? I've received handmade travel vouchers, and other certificates that are really gifts in disguise. If it has a friend's address on it, I'm going to assume it's real.

i guess ydi for not checking it thoroughly, though i would've thought it was a scam too.

If it was a birthday GIFT, then why would the letter say you "won" a trip to Cancun? And how could you not notice a handwritten cheque inside??

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so can't he just write you another check? And he can let the bank know not to let anyone cash the other check (if they some how find it in the trash). simple solutions...

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exactly what i was thinking. This is really less of a case of "my life is ******" and more "I'm stupid." FML's should really only be about people who couldn't control what happened to them, not people who made stupid decisions. tl;dr YDI

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At first I thought you meant this post was tl;dr, but now I understand that the OP look at the letter and said "Ah it's a scam, tl;dr"

If you threw in the bin, why can't you just go back and retrieve it? Unless the garbage collector came around already... lol.

As long as the check was made out to you, no biggie. Still, YDI for lacking awareness