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Today, my boss had me walk a mile to the nearest store to get food for a party because she didn't want to lose her parking space at work. Her shopping list had two gallons of juice and a 10lb bag of ice... I had my legs and arms. FML
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If it wasn't in your job description, why didn't you refuse? You can't let an employer walk over you.

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Do you have an HR Department.


If it wasn't in your job description, why didn't you refuse? You can't let an employer walk over you.

If the OP is in one of the US states with the Orwellian title of “right to work state,” they basically have no rights. Bosses have all the power and unions are crushed.

That's not true.... at least not completely true. Just because you're in a right to work state, does not state that the boss has a right to physically abused you for you to keep your job. If they were fired for refusing to do this, they would have a very large winning lawsuit on their hands.

And almost all job descriptions in those states like to include a line about things not listed but asked of you when required. I lost a job in one of those lovely states for scheduling my earned vacation time to go to the Mayo Clinic.

Most states are "At will" employment, unfortunately. And doing manual labor is not the worst thing in the world. If you're physically capable of performing the work, using those arms and legs, with no disabilities and a heart in decent condition, then there really isn't anything to file a complaint about.

My job is software development and data management. If my boss asked me to go to the store for her I’d laugh so hard I’d have to take the day off. Back when I worked retail we took turns walking to the store even though it wasn’t in our job description. But that was because our employer paid for lunch and it was a one minute walk.

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Do you have an HR Department.

What a great workout! It looks like your wonderful boss didn’t charge you a Personal Training Fee for this innovative cardio/resistance routine. I’m jealous of your workplace perks. Are they hiring?

Where do you get all those unfunny posts from? And how do you find the time to comment on every single FML shortly after it was posted?

I get them at the morgue. Lots of unfunny people there who are willing to help when the workplace is...dead, so to speak. It doesn’t take me that much time to write comments. I’m sure you worked on yours for hours.

Probably the guys at the morgue. It’s one of the few jokes they know. At least it’s not corpse fingertips or toes in my cereal. That definitely was not funny to me!!

Haha FYI, I didn’t mean YOUR cereal 😂. I meant the person who clearly doesn’t get your jokes or have sense of humour ^

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Take a taxi back and claim it for work, which technically isn't false.

This is where you politely but firmly refuse. If you have something even remotely resembling an HR department at your work then you can't be penalized (assuming you don't live in an at will state). In the unlikely event that something like this is in your job description, it still doesn't apply since this is for a party and not work.

Amazing to hear all the pansies talking about "Oh, let's go to HR!" Or "Is it in your job description?" Well, if doing errands for your boss is in your job description, and being able to lift at least X number of pounds as a certain requirement was listed... I mean, what is there to go to HR about? It's not sexual harassment, it's just manual labor.

i would say no just because not in the job description

She definitely should have let you catch a cab back.

Look at items on list. Say no. Go back to your actual work.

I would have asked for the companies Uber code