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Today, I got my hands on some meet and greet passes for a concert. My fiancé and I got our picture taken with the band. A few moments later, in my excitement, instead of texting the picture to my friend, I accidentally deleted it. FML
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vixiecat tells us more.

lol I felt so retarded. it was a Fuel concert in my small hometown. I immediately started looking up ways I could recover the photo. I'm still facepalming over it today.

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For some reason I was thinking of a polaroid camera photo. Then I realized it isnt the 90s anymore

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At least you have the memory of it happening :D

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Excuse me, what are "keypads"? I think I might have heard the term on the History channel once, but I can't remember clearly.

Keypads? I'm more of a printing press kinda guy myself! Texts only take a spliffy to send and receive!!! Spliffy: noun, 1578 eng. Def#1: a word used to describe a short amount of time relative to a three month horseback exchange.

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23 - oh come on, give him a break. It wouldn't take a genius to figure out what he was referring to.

"Today, I got my hands on some meat..." is what I first read.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

27, Would it take a genius to figure out that I was just joking, referring to the tech market being taken over by touchscreens? Phones with keypads are rapidly disappearing.

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For your sake, I hope it was Nickelback.

you clearly know no one with a blackberry...

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And you, 46, are clearly not aware of the fact that Blackberry sales have been declining significantly for a while now. That's my point. Besides, you know, being a joke and all.

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#49 alright, I understand that you were making a joke. But you sounded more like a jackass if anything.

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Welcome to the internet, 63. Intentions are often difficult to communicate here, without sacrificing the integrity of the joke. Sometimes you are left to choose between making sure you get your point across, or leaving the joke as is, and praying to the full range of made-up deities that people would catch your meaning. These types of misunderstandings are how a lot of pointless arguments are started, and I guarantee that if the readers choose not to take everything so seriously, most of them can be avoided.

11 u need prove . There is no point to have the memory but NOT the pictures common.

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I don't understand... what would you even call it other than a keypad or a keyboard? Even on a touchscreen I would call it that.

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73, what does it matter if OP doesn't have proof? They KNOW what they did, and if their friends or whoever don't believe them, that's fine. OP knows they met the band. Most people brag when they get meet and greet passes. I'm sure OP did as well.

Wasn't #1 a joke because he may be using an iphone or ipod touch :o

Don't worry 69, some of us got it. We aren't all that retarded. It seems 26 also caught the brunt of the "derp" movement.

69 - True that! +10000 Then again: Welcome to the internet where there ARE many idiots and you might never know which case it is...

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I doubt you know the type of phone he has. Some have buttons for it, some have it on the screen side by side. So you cant judge if they are close together or not.

44- I read your profile and thumbed up your comment

You guys are allm ******* sidiots howe harnd is iyt to avohd pugsing a foew buttisns thst sare a lurtle clise tigerher on a touchscreen? That's how fast I type when I'm angry.

For some reason I was thinking of a polaroid camera photo. Then I realized it isnt the 90s anymore

Oh the 90's, the good ol' days. Wait I was born in '96...

Aren't you a little too young for this site ? -_-

Your comment goes great with your picture

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I was thinking the same thing haha

Actually my friend has Polaroid photos of a concert we went to a couple days ago, they turned out great.

Well, if you can't tell the difference between to and too, then yes, you are probably too young. @88

Screw grammar nazis! Those with bad grammar and spelling, untie!

Aren't you a little too uptight for this site? I mean seriously... 16, that's almost a legal adult around here... Get a grip, please

I hardly think 16 is to young maybe 12 but not 16

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Caution: irritating Kodak moments may cause you to need prozac! Err...'prozak'?

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It's okay. We all get thumbed down at some point. *sighs pathetically*

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Maybe there is a way you can recover it...there are trash bins in some phones. But that's a FYL for sure

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My old Blackjack had a trash bin. Emphasis on old, though.

37, Actually it is. Like any computer, information can be restored so long as it has not had anything new saved over it.

37 - Actually most smartphones are basically. They have processors, memory and (in this case most importantly) a "hard drive" as well. They're just really small computers with built in monitors. So a trashbin would be very possible and in fact a very good idea.

The data is still stored, but might not be accessable without doing it "manually"

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Oh my GOD his picture. Why did I click to zoom???

I think the only reason I always have negative votes is because of my profile picture. Awesome

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That sucks, couldn't you have just taken a new one or was there others that wanted a picture?

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You'll always have the memory! :)

Not trying to burst your bubble, but after a certain age, Al...terations can occur causing memory loss. Al...ways is quite a long time if I remember correctly.

Nope, because now it never happened. "Pix or it didn't happen" is a real phenomenon, not just a stupid phrase trolls use.

lovelydarlings 6

Yeah I guess you're right always wasn't such a good word to use... She will have the memory for a little while :)

Ooh ouch. That's why I go with old fashioned cameras, the only way to delete those pictures is to expose them to sunlight!

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Yup, completely accident proof!