By RayneSong - 20/11/2012 23:25 - United States - Lansing

Today, I'm in the hospital and it's been 44 hours since I've eaten anything. My doctors won't let me eat and my parents are sitting across the room, eating. FML
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crazy4books23 13

That sucks OP. I hope they let you eat soon!

So sorry OP. I've been there before, with the exception of evil parents.


crazy4books23 13

That sucks OP. I hope they let you eat soon!

AbstraktThoughts 13

D: npo for almost 2 days?! Hope you feel better OP :/ think about it this way: it's all in an attempt to make you feel better :)

chell1894 13

I would panic and steal their food.

2 - who better than you to feel for him. Your profile is all about food

Feel free to return the favor when your parents are stuck living on energy drinks like Sustical.

Really -12 for that post!! Here I'll get things started on this one

So sorry OP. I've been there before, with the exception of evil parents.

It isn't fun being stuck like that. I was in a similar situation. But my parents didn't eat in front of me either. Sorry OP. FYL.

Since when did eating become evil? They need to eat and they had the decency of doing it in another room.

Oops. Read it wrong. That is actually a bitch move on their part.

They can't even give you I've chips or something!?

sleepinginclass 8

You really think ice chips would help?

Generally... water doesn't fulfill the body's need for nutrients or desire for food, despite the fact that it's an appetite suppressant. If you can survive on ice chips, kudos.

True. I was just meaning it for something that could subside the hunger for a little. I hope the OP's doctor will give him/her something soon! (:

You aren't allowed ANYTHING. Including water. I've been there. 5 days. No food or water.

26 - if you really went five days without water you must be a superhuman. I always thought a person could only survive three days, and after that was kinda on borrowed time and suffering from severe itching from dry skin and hallucinations. Unless you were on a drip, in which case you weren't being deprived of anything, although it might have felt like it.

CharresBarkrey 15

You can survive about a week without water. Although, 26, no hospital should have made you NPO for 5 days (assuming you were in a hospital as well) - that's borderline torture.

Yes they can make you NPO for as long as they need, but op probably also had IV drips going on and possibly TPN as well which would give her nutrition.

IV drips give your body nutrients. There's the horrible thirst and hunger though. But your body is happy.

You do realize if they are NPO, we give the patients fluids through their IV right?

ThePsyche 9

Sometimes doctors order a patient to have nothing by mouth for a period of time in case they have to do surgery. I went through the same thing recently. It sucks.

coolboy675 16

Because that'd be cannibalism. You're talking op's parents...right?

She may be having a baby. My sister wasn't allowed to eat until hers was born. And c-section patients have to not eat 6 hours before they're scheduled for surgery.

FMLpunster 7

Because the doctor is a dick... And wants her to starve

xXKaanaXx 7

Yeah but don't you think 44 hours is a tad excessive? When I broke my arm, I was in the emergency room waiting for 9 hours, no food or drink, to not even have surgery..

Usually you don't eat so when they operate there isn't food in the digestive systems... yoy wouldn't want them to vomit or have food spill out while operating. The time depends on where they are operating. If they are operating on somewhere not too close to the stomach them its usually 9 hours because of precautions. Otherwise it can be up to 48 hours as shown. Just to make sure it is completely clear. But that really sucks.

I bet your hand is looking pretty good right now. I've been there, too. It's not a good place.

zingline89 18

You think OP's hand is looking pretty good? Creepy. Must be the rapist stache

That reminds me of a post I saw a few days ago of a guy eating his hand in the library. Eesh

zingline89 18

Some people just want to watch the world burn

Epikouros 31

Sorry, I clicked the wrong button. They're only millimeters apart on the mobile site.

It's probably best for your health. Besides, they probably have you hooked up to an IV injection anyway. That alone will supply your body with the nutrients it needs.

gianthelper 1

Yea but nutrients and stuff that don't fill your stomach so that leads to stomach pain and not mention his parents are eating right across the room from him

Not to mention that often, you'll just get a water and salt drip to keep you hydrated and they just skip out on the electrolytes :(

35- don't know why you got thumbed down, you're right. And/or they have you on a glucose drip.

KVKdragon 26

I'd try sleeping as much as possible until you're allowed to eat again. You're less likely to think about or need food that way. Good luck OP