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By  Druu  |  53

OP here! I finally got an FML published -- wooo! [Gimme them badges! I should have two gold ones coming my way!] I'm the eldest child, and I already made plans to go fishing that night, so I wasn't really in contention anyway. (Though I would gladly have abandoned those plans if it didn't mean bailing on someone else.) As for which Hamilton, the REAL one on Broadway. :-P I did consider offering a bribe to either sister for their ticket, but I'm in NYC more often so I'd be more likely to have another opportunity to see it.

  Mynxie  |  26

If you go to NYC, that's probably why she gave them to your sisters. I have to say you are greedy to want to take away a chance they may not get often compared to you. Selfish.

  Cali  |  54

Thanks for the follow-up! Not sure what's up Mynxie's butt... I would totally fight my sibling for a ticket and I live way closer!

By  TimeLadyPandora  |  2

Omg. I am a middle child and I know how you feel, I do most of the work my little sister is supposed to do. And SHE CANT FOLD CLOTHES. This sucks because I have OCD. And if my mom got that my little sis would go with my mom. Not my twin and I