By Druu - 22/06/2017 11:36

Today, my mother won two tickets in the Hamilton ticket lottery. My siblings joked that we would finally find out who the favorite child is. Who ended up going to the show? My two sisters. FML
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Lobby_Bee 17

You got it all wrong, your mom sent them away to spend quality time with you.


Lobby_Bee 17

You got it all wrong, your mom sent them away to spend quality time with you.

That's OK. As far as I'm concerned, if Statlar and Waldof aren't in a box it ain't worth seeing.

Ouch! Feel the Burr-n! Get it? If you don't, maybe Hamilton isn't for you anyways.

mikkigrlxx 13

Which Hamilton just wondering

Druu 53

OP here! I finally got an FML published -- wooo! [Gimme them badges! I should have two gold ones coming my way!] I'm the eldest child, and I already made plans to go fishing that night, so I wasn't really in contention anyway. (Though I would gladly have abandoned those plans if it didn't mean bailing on someone else.) As for which Hamilton, the REAL one on Broadway. :-P I did consider offering a bribe to either sister for their ticket, but I'm in NYC more often so I'd be more likely to have another opportunity to see it.

If you go to NYC, that's probably why she gave them to your sisters. I have to say you are greedy to want to take away a chance they may not get often compared to you. Selfish.

Thanks for the follow-up! Not sure what's up Mynxie's butt... I would totally fight my sibling for a ticket and I live way closer!

mikkigrlxx 13

I accidentally hit the ? oops

TimeLadyPandora 2

Omg. I am a middle child and I know how you feel, I do most of the work my little sister is supposed to do. And SHE CANT FOLD CLOTHES. This sucks because I have OCD. And if my mom got that my little sis would go with my mom. Not my twin and I