By get tf over it! - 30/6/2020 20:02

Cartoon villain

Today, I had a Skype interview for a wonderful new job. I was calm, cool and ready to land it. But just like in a bad movie, the interviewer ended up being the creepy guy I turned down repeatedly in high school and in our 20s. He smirked and told me I could continue, but it would be pointless. FML
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By  akvan  |  9

That's ok. Why would you want to work in the same place as that guy? You would be constantly looking over your shoulder and would never be able to relax

By  bkwusa  |  15

You dodged a bullet. If he was a interviewer he would either be working with you or be your boss. If he was creepy then and acts like this now he didn't change much. Do you really want to work with someone you believe is a creep?