By Anonymous - 06/05/2012 04:41 - Canada - Edmonton

Today, I went with my boyfriend to the optometrist for him to buy contact lenses for the first time. He said the detail was much better than glasses. I excitedly asked him if he could see my freckles better now, and after a long and disappointed look at my face, he said "Nope, just more acne." FML
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Tell him you also want to get contacts so that maybe you'll see more dick.

Awwe to bad. But at least he hasn't broken up with you over that. Some guys I know would. And your skin will clear up eventually I'm sure.


It's just 3D tech, don't worry about it. Why were you proud of your freckles though?

a little bit of freckles don't look that bad

Came here to ask same question. Who gets excited about facial freckles?

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Well whats wrong with freckles?

Ops boyfriend probably didn't know she had freckles that was probably brought up between them earlier. Now op bf can see better she asked if he could see her freckles. She wasn't exited or proud, just asking.

19 - That might be true. But OP was most definitely excited, the FML says : "excitedly asked".

22: sorry, failed at thumbing you up. I think it was more of that she was excited he could see better and was hoping now he could actually see what she maybe pointed out earlier that he couldn't see. Not excited for having freckles, just excited for that maybe he could see what she was talking about,

What the heck do people have against freckles? It's stupid to think that freckles are ugly. It's stupid to constantly cover up your faces with ugly makeup to hide freckles. It's stupid that freckled people have no hope in any kind of beauty industry. Freckles are beautiful, cute and adorable, even in men! I can understand that people have preferences in the kind of traits that they're attracted to. If freckles don't do it for you, that's understandable. However, that does NOT make that person ugly. I hold the same views for the occasional mole.

I don't think freckles are ugly. It's just that they're not exactlt meant to be the pride of your life.

I don't understand people. Just lie and say you see them! It causes no harm!!

There's nothing wrong with freckles. I love mine! And it seems OP does too. :3

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29- Nobody really said they're ugly. They just said there's not really a reason to be excited about them- because there's not. I have a tiny little mole on my cheek that I think is cute but I don't go up to people and say- Can you see my mole?!

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29, Lucy Liu has freckles and she's gorgeous!

I am a heterosexual male with a freckle fascination. Freckly ladies, I'm all yours!

Freckles rule. FRECKLE-FACES, UNITE!

Tell him you also want to get contacts so that maybe you'll see more dick.

Awwe to bad. But at least he hasn't broken up with you over that. Some guys I know would. And your skin will clear up eventually I'm sure.

Any one who breaks up over skin problems does not deserve a girlfriend/boyfriend.

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I'm sure he also meant it as a tiny little joke so there isn't anything to really worry about. Humor in a relationship helps it stay strong.

Why would you want your freckles to be more visible...

Some people think freckles are cute. I am one of those people. Moles are another story though.

Alright, guess its just a matter of opinion

Yes it is. Yes it is. Everyone this there own thing. If they didn't. This world would be BORING. With a capital B-O-R-I-N-G.

A face with no freckles is like a nightsky with no stars ^^

Personal pet peeve: when women hide their beautiful freckles under a layer of disgusting makeup.

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We hide our freckles because of people like the original commenter.

If you don't have anything nice to say, dont say it :/

In his defense, she did ask. But I guess he should have taken the approach when a girl asks how they look. No matter what respond with "you look so beautiful" it saves a lot of time, effort, feelings, and will prevent anger. Even if she says be 100% honest.

8 - Son, when a woman asks you how she looks, never ever be 100% honest.

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Hey everyone call this number now 907-602-0875 it's my friends number and I feel like prancing him

The good news is that his vision is much clearer/sharper now ^^ What he said was just unlucky, and he cares enough to be honest!:) So that shows the trust you two have for each other, have a nice day :)

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Or it shows that he's a dick..

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Or both! But an honest dick is better than just a dick :) look in the bright side!

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Why would you want him to see your freckles?:L

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Freckles legitimately scare me. Like some sort of weird phobia.

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13- Freckles are adorable. c:

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Freckles look great on the right person, whats everyone going on about?