By druglord - 28/6/2020 14:10

Humorless parents are the worst

Today, I asked my parents if I could have their old Polaroid camera so I could take artsy pictures, but they got all defensive, because, "Polaroid pictures can’t be traced." So I jokingly said I was using it to take pictures of my drug cartel to have a record of my stocks, and now they think I’m some sort of drug lord. FML
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By  Win  |  9

Lol OP, that’s sad. Although parents are always worried about the kids getting into drugs with its prevalence today... so I can see why they took that comment seriously. I know my parents would have reacted similarly because everyone around us does drugs so that joke would not work haha. Hope you were able to convince them otherwise! :)

By  J15237  |  23

I love your joke but seriously? WTF were you thinking telling your parents that when they were already worried about tracking? Your parents are not in the mood for that kind of comedy. Now my parents would have laughed and my father would have probably added on asking for a cut or something.

By  tulsy42  |  6

How is the first thing they think of that the photos won’t have gps tags... who tf thinks of that at all... it’s Easy to remove gps tags anyways