By coeurdlucky - United States
Today, my boyfriend and I went to see his 72-year-old mom who just had minor surgery on her abdomen. When we asked how she was healing, she lifted up her nightgown to show us a bruise near her belly button. She wasn't wearing any underwear. FML
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  aback  |  4

You can bet that 50 years ago she wasn't flashing that about. I don't know why they want to wait till it's curdled to show everybody.

  randiZ25  |  0

You are exactly right. A client of mine ( I'm a hairdresser) decided she wanted to show me her rash under her fat roll on her stomach, she too was not wearing any underwear.

  DocBastard  |  38

I tried, but I could not come up with a response better than this one. Well said. I will only add that OP is a woman (girl?) also, so she hasnothing to complain about. Selfish little bitch.