By princessj - 16/10/2010 05:50 - United States

Today, my 4 year old son told his preschool teacher that his daddy could pick up 10,000 cows but couldn't pick up his mommy because she was too heavy. I'm the mommy. FML
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Kinda figured you were the mother in this scenario when you started with "Today, my 4 year old son.. " The last sentence was unnecessary ankindadredundant, don't't you think?

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kids say the darndest things xD


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Ouch. Well not much to say there

LOL i guess you weigh more than 10 000 cows :)

all we can say is lose the weight fattass!!!

Sonfang 19

Eh don't worry Op kids rarely mean what they say, especially at that age. =^_^= I'm sure you're not fat, you're just bigger than your son. So what if your husband can not lift you, that cab possibly reflect on his strength. Besides it's obvious from the many thousands of cows your son thinks his daddy can lift that he's quite imaginative, encourage him to express it. Lol, have a nice day.

Sonfang 19

*can (sorry grammar/spelling Nazis)

guess ur husband been talking to ur kid behind ur back

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Is it wrong that i want to pick you up now?... Who else can say they can deadlift more than 10,000 cows!! only me!!

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kids say the darndest things xD

I read your comment, then I read it again because you double posted, enough said :P

my little brother told his preschool teacher Dad farts all the time.

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This isn't about you!! Attention *****!!!!

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I read this and than looked at your picture... enough said

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There's a difference between "then" and "than." Just saying~

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haha your picture is great! spongebob all the way dude!

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you sir. or ma'am have a pretty darn amazing picture!

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Spongebob is my favorite show 

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I accidentally clicked a I'm sorry but I do love your pic if it sounded like I didn't

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Yes, because A and E are so close to each other on a keyboard :P It did sound like you didn't like my picture, which is fine with me. I just wanted to point out your error so that you don't make the same mistake later on~

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well your the biggest cow, do something about it.

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some people can't lose weight no matter what they do

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poor fatties are butt hurt Because of my comment.

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yea u knw wat the funny thing is? that you have no way of knwing wether I'm fat or not so ur little comment rlly doesn't hurt nyone.

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I weigh 140 pounds and I'm a boxer I was simply stating, everybody hates you. :)

well, you can't really talk, because you're ugly, and bot doing anything about it...

yea; uhmm how old are yoou ? 16, 20, 30, 15, 40, 50 ? because you sure arnt acting your age, your acting like an 8 year old. I'm 13 and even I know how immature your comment is. I'm not fat, im quite skinny but i still think its extremly rude to call someone fat that yoou havent met before and havent propley seen before. Everyones beautiful in there own way; k. What have you got against people that yoou have to hide behind your computer and post mean stuff on the internet about people ? You must have a preetty sad life. And, her post wasnt aiming at that her son thinks shes fat, he's alot smaller than her, and to every 4 year old someone bigger than them means there quite heavy to the kid. It does not matter about the fact that they are "skinny" or "fat". So, keep your nasty comments to yourself; kthanks ?!

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#8 Expend more calories than you take in, diet or exercise.

#90, That would work if you were perfectly healthy, and simply overweight, but what if you had thyroid problems, or diseases that preventing exercise or allergies that restricted your diet? It's not that easy for everyone.

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Lol ! kids. You wanted 'em. Now you have 'em.

that is rude to say but why say something when no matter the words you have to add you should stop being rude and stop to think how would you feel if this happened to you thats what this site is to come and vent!!!!!!!

Great! Then I'm going to start venting about your lack of punctuation and sentence structure.

Grammar nazi & the other chick, your a loser for taking this so seriously

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"Your" and "you're" are two completely different things and they are not interchangeable. Please learn the difference, thank you~

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Perhaps you should *takes off sunglasses* get over it.

God, if that's u in ur profile pic you have NO ROOM to call anybody else fat. Then again, you don't have much room for anything being that huge! DAMN SON!

#9, you don't have any right to judge OP

Kinda figured you were the mother in this scenario when you started with "Today, my 4 year old son.. " The last sentence was unnecessary ankindadredundant, don't't you think?

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not exactly, the father could say that exact same thing. minus the last sentence.

why would the father post this as an FML? :|

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#50, perhaps because calling your wife heavier than 10 000 cows is not going to make her very happy?

well start only eating grass and grains! then daddy can lift mommy........ Fyl for letting yourself go

Yes! And FYL for not having four stomachs to digest these grasses and grains.