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Today, I was texting this guy i've liked for a really long time, because of how nice and sentimental he is. We were sending each other things like "You make me smile" and "You're so damn cute" when finally he said "Let's just stop texting and hook up already." So much for sentimental. FML
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a guy who doesnt want to have sex is like a caterpillar that doesnt want to become a butterfly.

13, I sure hope that was one of your 99% chance that its a joke.


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I wouldve siad Huhh I thought you were gay?!

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hey he knows how to get the ball rolling XD

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Hey. 13. Guess what. ****. You.

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13 cmon now don't be sexist these ppl who r bitching at u are right OP, when u send a bunch of flirty texts tho some guys can take it the wrong way and think u wanna have sex with em or something. Also a lot of guys will act sweet an stuff like that just so u trust them enough to give in to them. I do kinda feel bad that he was an ass to u but I still think YDI cuz u prolly made it seem to him that u wanted to hook-up.

Hey, don't go after 13's throat. I'm sure she was joking. I don't see the problem here. What does she expect, for him to text forever? If the guy was texting her for "a while" then he has the right to ask. He probaly meant make it official that they're going out, not that he just wanted to bang her.

"Hook-up" doesn't imply sex unless that's where your mind is already. 

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You said you liked him, so I don't see where the FML is.

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dat guys an ass nd wdf all u assholes r going after 13 wen every fml Theres a guy making a sexist comment towards women. joking or not geez fuking hypocrites!!!

86, you make an excellent, eloquent point. Twat.

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well go on. op. quit your texting and hook up already. isnt that what you wanted?!

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I qive prOps 2 PPL wh0 TaLk lyke DiS, it's not as easy as it looks, only as retarded as it looks.

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Make him a sandwich, it's the key into a guys heart. So are ********.

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so you are allowed to make sexist comments, but 13 can't? Get in the kitchen & make me a sammich is sexist. so, yeah, it's because he is a guy. That's what guys think about all of the time. not all girls want to jump in bed with everyone they like. there would be a lot of teenage pregnancies around if that happened... oh wait, look at the statistics. Teenage pregnancies are up. so maybe op doesn't want to be a statistic. Hey, that's why you shouldn't expect to have romantic texts with guys w/o them expecting much from you... Op learned a life lesson. Guys are usually pigs, only want sex, and that's what they see women as... sex tools... Now we know... I think... I'm too inexperienced to even give an educated comment on that though... so... yeah.

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86 - "wdf" as in "what da ****"? are you serious?

86: If only you knee how stupid you look. As Tom Tucker on family guy once said: "Congratulations on setting your people back a hundred years."

Lame generalisations. Why do girls always refer to guys as 'the enemy' and guys to girls as sex/food objects? It's ******* stupid that. It should be restricted to talk about (in the same way you can't really malt fun of gay people anymore.)

Knew**. And I just realized something: We all bash people for shorting words and phrases with acronyms, then go around and say "fyl, ydi, WTF, btw, IMO" etc. I sense hypocrisy. And just because these phrases are common, you're still being lazy and shouldn't bash people. Though I must say it is nowhere near as bad as "OMG I fat guy is such n ass u shud tell him he is stoopid fer thinkin dat u jus wantd 2 hook up.".

my post says 'malt' instead of 'make' :( Bad times for the Ipod Crew.

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lol @106 I used to type like that when I was about 13 it was only a phase though but hooking up could mean a lot of different things kissing, sex and so on so if I was you Op I wouldn't make a fit about it.

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Wow 133, 86 wasn't even typing like that but ok anyways everybody needs to stop being sexist towards the other gender it's dumb. Girls as much as guys enjoy sex. Op if he wouldn't have said it you would have been upset because he didn't and now that he did you are upset. some women are never happy with anything and find little things to pick at and get mad over.

he is just sick of all the you made me smile crap. I mean, who wouldn't

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#81- I agree, where I'm from " hook up" mean to date eachothr. so relle how the he'll is this an fml?

For the people like 159: It's in the "Intimacy" category, not the "Love" category. It's not about dating.

The sad thing for FML is the only entertainment I get here is from all the comments......^^

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well I think 86 sets a perfect example of the kind of woman that is around sexist pig men. if you don't get what I'm saying I mean 'it takes one to know one'.

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70-it usually gets them they sayyy. :-l

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86-exactly,there r so many guys telling female ops or member to get in the kitchen and make them a sandwhich like us gurls r the ******* kitchen bitches.its ****** irritating

116 - I'm a guy, and I completely agree with you. I hate what 13 said and I also hate all the guys on FML who make lame sexist comments too. they're all just dumb , and the make me a sammich or get in the kitchen thing has never been funny...ever...

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that's for 34. because she's beautiful.

Oh good one! I like that! so true you know!

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Hypocrisy is not a trait shared by any one gender. It is limited to the individual. So I don't get how some girls are calling the guys hypocrites for hating on 13. They aren't the ones making the sexist jokes about girls. Which means you girls I am talking about can shut up. I also think that the OP is just jumping to conclusions and not thinking things through. "Hook up" can mean date or **** but you can't really tell much from what OP is saying. Section don't mean shit.

Because girls aren't allowed to be sexist, apparently.

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13, I totally disagree with your comment. All boys are different and you shouldn't be so judgemental...

well over here hook up means make out lol

116, I bet you and your feminist cult don't get many boyfriends.

Women are usually bitching about how guys are horrible people while watching Lifetime Movie Network garbage, effectively prejudicing any guy who would appeal to them. See what I did there?

As my friend once stated, "You can't **** a personality".


You know what? The difference between the sexist comments here is that the girls are being serious, where as the guys are being SARCASTIC. Women, as sexist as this is going to paint me, think about what you read before you post, please tell me you have enough logic to tell the difference between a joke and a real sexist comment.

86, learn to type correctly, can't understand a word you're saying, sorry babe

actually some caterpillars become moths or beetles

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YDI for not judging him right

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YDI, those texts totally sound like flirting.

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don't trick yourself, he wants to do her

ha! only sentimental to get you hooked and get some ass!

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Or she probably led him on. I mean if someone told me they think I am funny and cute, I'd take that as an indication of interest and if the guy was saying stuff like that for a long time, I'd totally think he'd eventually ask to hook up. And like someone else said hook up does not equate to having sex. I love hook ups... they only problem is that they make the guy think I want to take it further but I don't like sex. :)

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Maybe he's sweet AND wants to hook up with OP. It's not like only d-bags want to reproduce.

"My crush texted me that he wants to have sex. FML."

OP, you know not all guys are into this cheese stuff and when they are is because they want to get something ;) Did you hook up then or what?

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And why are you not in the kitchen...?

Wow really? Stop stereotyping men and make me a sammich -.-

aussie_babe, i agree with you but there are women too that all they think about is SEX SEX SEX!

Yes, but you still haven't made that sammich yet :/ .

123zc1 - What's your profile picture mean? I'm an experienced COD player but still don't understand.

lol it is scientifically proven that every 54 seconds, the male mind thinks of sex, whether thy realize it or not, it true.

lol it is scientifically proven that every 54 seconds, the male mind thinks of sex, whether thy realize it or not, it true.

Every 2 seconds I think you're an idiot.

That statistic means nothing if you don't tell us how often the female mind thinks of sex.

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64 Is so full of win it should be illegal. The "every x seconds" is a lie but men do statistically think of it more often than women.

I think you should. When should I come over?

you set ur self up for that sooooo bad :p

And with your profile picture, I wonder why that statistic may be true... idiot

Look, more generalisations! Seriously, ******* leave it - clearly not all people think about sex that often. Also, wouldn't you have some sort if give-away that you're think about sex without realising? I don't believe I have without intending to.

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Hows this FML? You like him and he likes you All good. And aussie whats wrong with sex, if it wasnt for sex you wouldnt be here now.

Rooney77 3

Hows this FML? You like him and he likes you All good. And aussie whats wrong with sex, if it wasnt for sex you wouldnt be here now.

it's statistically proven that 87.3% of statistics are made up.

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yes all every one thinks when they read this is IDIOT IDIOT and IDIOT


Wow, it's funny cause I've read studies that show men are just more willing to ADMIT they think about sex than women are. Not all men are heartless horndogs, any of you tools who think we are are the ones who will end up very sad and alone. Stop thinking so damn highly of yourselves, men are just as into committed love relationships as women are, and BTW ALL STATISTICS ARE BS, even though I did read that somewhere I've read many contradicting articles, people simply SAY IT to increase the believability of the article, not because it's factual, but more people read it because it makes it easier to believe (I would know, I have statistics to prove it, LOL sarcasm). People are so willing to believe anything they hear these days aren't they? Everybody lies, think for yourself and stop creating biases about things you know nothing about.

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next time u see him ask him if u can see he's phone then throw it at him

Ehh.. shouldn't you be happy that he's finally trying to get somewhere?!

Exactly my thought! Nobody is gonna be sentimental and romantic all the time! Just be happy the guy you like likes you