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  PhoenixFiend  |  0

"I was eating lunch with my girlfriend. in the middle of it, she decided to give me head. She choked, and I used it as the an excuse to take some of her food because she's fat. Now she won't stop bitching. Fml"

  seanreddog  |  4

PPP choking is when an object becomes lodged in the throat. well chewed food can't get lodged in throat no matter what. you're thinking of gagging. I think.

  Massdebater  |  1

"today I took my girlfriend out for lunch.. the stupid bitch started choking in front of the whole restaurant.. I can't even take her to lunch without her embarrassing me. she is such a liability i even had to eat any food she could choke on off her plate. hey, maybe it'll help the fatty lose some weight...FML"

  jweezy89  |  4

F your bf's life for having a retarded gf. Learn how to eat in public. And if you were choking I'd take all your food too. Most likely your a drama whore who would have gone on the rest of the day about your "near death experience" and not finished your food. He was just protecting his investment in the lunch he paid for. And no it doesn't say he paid, but let's be honest, the OP does sound kinda whiney and like the type of bitch who doesn't pay for anything. And on the same note, why should men always pay in the relationship? If women want an equal relationship, open up your damn purse and pay for a date. Equality means you have to put up with all the same bullshit as us.