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Today, I was eating lunch with my boyfriend when I started choking. My boyfriend took it as an opportunity to sneak food off my plate. FML
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wow... that's ****** up... what's wrong with him?

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Wow, your boyfriend is one uncaring fat ass


I bet he thought OP was joking or something. He did help you afterwards right OP?

fat guys know the difference between choking and drama queen "post an fml because shes a crying piece of depression". YDI

well did u give him head that night?

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what a lovely boyfriend. :)

"I was eating lunch with my girlfriend. in the middle of it, she decided to give me head. She choked, and I used it as the an excuse to take some of her food because she's fat. Now she won't stop bitching. Fml"

op should shut the **** up, he just saved your life. learn to chew you ******* ratard

maybe you shouldn't have tried to swallow the whole cow.

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Chew the food, don't inhale it D:

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damn pounding that down! did he give you something else to choke on later?

well you were suckling his dick under the table and he saw the opportunity

lol. you're both fat. you're choking and notice him "sneaking food" off your plate. maybe take more than 3 bites to eat a burger next time...

lmao nice one sean..."take it, just keep goin!"*steals food* :/ haha

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OP is the fatty, her bf was just trying to reduce her calorie intake.

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OP is the fatty, her bf was just trying to reduce her calorie intake.

maybe he thought u would choke on the food so he took it away

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TJ looks like a fatty himself

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damn 46, yea op should learn how to chew, and for all we know she probably will once you chill out and learn to spell retard.

swallow your food, dont just inhale it. that kinda sorta causes choking.

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141, you look very familiar...

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stop saying op needs to learn how to chew, some people have big tonsils and choke on everything they eat. lol

That guy has his priorities in order 

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PPP choking is when an object becomes lodged in the throat. well chewed food can't get lodged in throat no matter what. you're thinking of gagging. I think.

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no im not talking about gagging , I am one of those people I was talking about. it makes you choke

"today I took my girlfriend out for lunch.. the stupid bitch started choking in front of the whole restaurant.. I can't even take her to lunch without her embarrassing me. she is such a liability i even had to eat any food she could choke on off her plate. hey, maybe it'll help the fatty lose some weight...FML"

hahaha I think you missed his point darling.. also, big tonsils make you choke on everything? seriously?! lolcatz...

depends what food you eat or how quickly you eat brother started choking on a pepperoni slice because he ate too quickly. ******* hilarious ^^

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yeah it does. even liquids, unless you're reallly careful when eating

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who said she was eating a hamburger? she could be eating salad, or maybe pasta. salad is easy to choke on. but her bf is pretty smart. lol

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I've been trolling a lot of FML's lately. That being sad, YDI for not giving him a BJ.

F your bf's life for having a retarded gf. Learn how to eat in public. And if you were choking I'd take all your food too. Most likely your a drama ***** who would have gone on the rest of the day about your "near death experience" and not finished your food. He was just protecting his investment in the lunch he paid for. And no it doesn't say he paid, but let's be honest, the OP does sound kinda whiney and like the type of bitch who doesn't pay for anything. And on the same note, why should men always pay in the relationship? If women want an equal relationship, open up your damn purse and pay for a date. Equality means you have to put up with all the same bullshit as us.

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187 I am too old to get them removed

196: Hmm, my shrink sense tells me someone is projecting...

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I just watched an autistic guy die in the lunchroom choke to death... I feel for you, dump the jerk!!!

he is fat and did he atleast help you when you were choking

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Haaaaaah. That made me laugh. A little.

Weight has nothing to do with this FML. The boyfriend was just being a jerk.

He was obviously hungry. give the guy a break!

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I'm guessing he's 300+ pounds

wow your an idiot just cause someone takes food from anothers plate does Not mean there 300+ lbs I'm like 180 lbs and I take food from other peoples plates

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this made me LOL....yeahh I have a one way ticket to Hell

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111, you bring the beer and I'll bring the chips.

yes I know this 108 but the guy above me said he was 300+ which is stupid to assume just based on his actions

wow.. he was clearly starving..leave him alone for once. seriously though what a fat bastard

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While they're choking??'re something else 180 pounds person 0.o

wow... that's ****** up... what's wrong with him?

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Wow, your boyfriend is one uncaring fat ass

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well at least he didn't completely ignore u also FIRST

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That sucks he's an asshole!

not surprised this took place in the us lol hope someone gave you a heimlich

It's a lot more funny reading that with absolutely no sarcasm whatsoever.

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My boyfriend was choking one time and he looked and sounded so funny I felt like laughing :(