By teea - 15/11/2012 23:34 - Australia - Saint Lucia

Today, my boyfriend and I cleaned his parents' whole house while they were out, just to be nice. When they came home, they assumed we only did it because we'd made some huge mess that we needed to hide. I'm now banned from their house. FML
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People can be so ungrateful! Kudos to you, OP, for being nice, appreciated or not.

That's messed up, they need to clean up their act!


iOceanus 18

5) You should've seen the first comment. Take a wild guess as to what it said!

Even if they made a mess, didn't they clean it anyhow?

Sorry it was quickest thing I could think of, I'll try and do better next time.

17- Rush for top comment in a nutshell.

Hey at least that comment is more entertaining than: ''Haha FYL OP that sucks''

It's only more entertaining because it is dumber.

The correct phrase is either more stupid or dumber. By you reply you know have me questioning your intellect. Don't contribute to the comments if you lack the general knowledge that would make your on opinion accurate. Surmise is not needed in text and thus neither are you. As they say. The wise talk because they have something to say, fools talk because they have to say something. Please avoid making being foolish even if it is through this primitive matter of expression

So many mistakes were made trying to sound intelligent ^ did you google all those quotes before you posted them? You must be so proud.

I think the words you were looking for were 'your' and 'now'.

76,81--Do calm down, 73 was being punny (May not be the right adjective?).I think I've seen him/her comment before with fine English.

76- It was a joke, or at least an attempt at one. 81- Just.... Just shut the **** up.

91, I would go with attempt. No hard feelings. :)

permanent ban? not that you would go back after that.

81- If you're going to correct someone and try to sound intelligent, next time try to avoid all the typos

iOceanus 18

People can be so ungrateful! Kudos to you, OP, for being nice, appreciated or not.

Good deeds never go unpunished. Yes, good for OP, that was so nice. (: Parents are very suspicious people sometimes.

If the parents didn't trust their son then they should have never left him home alone, or should have had someone check in on him periodically. That being said they can either blame the person who did or did not check on him, or they can trust their son and his gf or whom so ever he chooses to let in their home to treat their home respectfully. Sry op if they didn't see it that way. Maybe if the house was a total wreck I could understand their actions.

Classlfied 4

She clearly didn't state if they did do it or not.

Explain to them if they don't believe you, one less place to clean and thats their fault

That's messed up, they need to clean up their act!

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Op shouldnt sweep this under the rug; she needs to explain what really happened

I agree, OP definitely needs to clear up this whole situation! (I gave it my best.)

That was a really dirty thing to say to someone who just cleaned your house. Mop up those tears OP and dust yourself off it was a neat gesture.

imavelociraptor 6

OP could just apologize and start over with a clean slate...

They are either really anal people, or you have done things in the past to make them not trust you. 2 sides to every story I suppose.

I suppose you and I are both filthy liars then, huh?

iOceanus 18

36) Could there possibly be a 4th side if there's a witness?

7, sometimes parents just think the worst no matter what. My parents are exactly like that, despite devoting years to pleasing them. Cannot win.

63 i suppose there would be 4 if the witness lies. Unless there were 2 witnesses, and they both lie!

It's okay, though. You are banned, but their house will eventually become so filthy that they'll beg you to come back.

Well hey, if their bam is anything like FML's bans, you'll be back in a week or two. Trust me.. they don't like me.

iamkaylaurnot 5

No good deed goes unpunished.

Damn I said that one too! ....great minds think alike?

It's because of things like this people would much rather do nothing than something nice