By Meggie - 05/11/2009 05:06 - Canada

Today, I walked in on my dad and his new "girlfriend". A couple days ago I realized that my sexy clothes that my boyfriend had bought me for our anniversary was missing. Guess who was wearing it? FML
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mipieislove 0

your dad? jk. but FYL, srsly. :[

Am I the only one thinking the "girlfriend" is a guy?


mipieislove 0

your dad? jk. but FYL, srsly. :[

No, "Guess who was wearing it", was what she meant. As in her Dad was the one wearing it. :P

senalina 0

i would beat that little lady in skimpy cloths for taking my stuff if i were u

next time you see the chick ask her if you could use her clothes

Koryissocoollike 0

Am I the only one thinking the "girlfriend" is a guy?

perdix 29

No. The quotes around "girlfriend" raised my eyebrow, too. My first thought was that the "girlfriend" was actually the OP's boyfriend. Then I went with blow-up doll or sheep. Must. . . Go. . . Vomit.

I had this same thought. The boyfriend got her clothes then wore them while sleeping with her

I would kick the shit out of her then and there never mind what you saw them doing she's soiling your clothes

I was thinking "girlfriend" equaled mistress. Did they look better on "her"?

The way it's worded makes me think the girlfriend is a blow up doll. Which is hilarious.

maybe the idea behind the "girlfriend" quotations is 'Girlfriend' translates into 'F**k buddy'

jchansfan 0

That's what I figured. I guessed her dad goes through a lot of partners that are barely worthy of being called "girlfriends". Then these dirty minded FML-ers went and made it sound so much worse... lmao

cabbagez 0

Dat bitch! Make your dad buy you new ones.