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Today, I held the door open for an old man in a motorized wheelchair. He missed the door, hit my foot, and called me an asshole for getting in his way. FML
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If he's gonna be an asshole about it, just push him out of his chair and say, "Why yes, I am an asshole. Bitch."


hes old and in a wheel chair, give him a break

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Agree with 3 even though I'm replying to #1 to be on top half my comment dissapeared. The last part I said was help him out because he needs it. Then I told a bad joke, I'll leave it out.

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well you shouldn't have gotten in his way, NOW GO DO MY LAUNDRY!!!

yeah doesn't give him the right to be a prick.

well either way op is ****** because if he/she didn't hold the door they would of also been called an ass. give op a break.


I would have tipped his chair over and walked away. I hate old people.

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I would have slammed the door on him and said **** you

It would be so amazing if the man were secretly a total FML junkie and commented on here every day. He'd see this and be all, "You damn whippersnapper!!"

these days a lota cats is outa line. seems to me like he needs to get punched.

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that's when I would've grabbed his wheelchair, pulled him back out of the door, then walked through the door, and let it close behind me.

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this is why I don't help people period. regardless of age.

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I hate old people they act like they're the shit

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It must have been Stan's grandpa, he keeps calling me Billy.

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suck it up you pussy-bitch.. it's a damn word

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never help old people they are all just ungrateful smelly bastards


punch him and say his face was in the way of your fist

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some old people are just hate life I hope I don't end up like that being a pain to everyone around me

1- same here, I just walk by and they give me dirty looks -_- LoL

This is why human beings shouldn't live to be 80 ******* years old.

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it's cause they don't five a flying **** their about to die so they do w/e they want that's why they sometimes act mean and talk shit

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never help old people they are all just a bunch of ungrateful bastards who think they are better than our generation I would have let the door slam on him or said something back to him like **** you or something

maybe hes in the chair cause someone tried to beat some manners into him

Never mind any thing come from content of coffins.

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remember that when you're old and need help

remember that when you're old and need help

No. Being old doesn't give him the right to be an asshole.

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Old people could help you one day. Well, not this one apparently...

haha Rhys hilarious. but it was still mean to call u tht atleaat u held the door open for him

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Only goes to show, just because people are aged or disabled does not make them nice...or wise.

That's why I just ignore old people, pretending I didn't see them and that is why I didn't offer to help.

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wow. u jerk u got in his way.

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Everyone is going to die soon. Life is short doesn't give anyone a reason to be mean.

cut his breaks and watch him cry out in fear as he rumbles down a hill and into a bus....

i laughed so hard when i saw that! old dude shouldnt be a dick anyways, he/she was trying to help

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You've learned an important life lesson. Sometimes, no matter if you have the best of intentions, people just don't want your help. Ask first, it saves you a lot of trouble in the long run.

This is an excellent point. I've had mobility issues and independance is very important when you actually *can* do stuff on your own. There are few excuses to ever be rude, disabled or not, but when you're disabled the anger and shame is sometimes close to the surface. You can't really understand it till you've been there; the elderly aren't exempt from embarrassment, and they aren't very respected in our society anyway. Besides, you wouldn't believe how prickish and condescending people can be with their "help" sometimes. Who likes to feel pitied?! When someone's patrontizing you for something you could do easily if they'd just let you, it's nearly unbearable. OP, though well-intentioned, may indeed have been hindering more than helping. Again, the senior shouldn't have been rude, but I can empathize with him. And you're right-- you should ALWAYS ask if you can help, unless the person is seizing or something.

yeah, i'm no old guy, but you can say i've had my share of being pitied. the trick is to gather yourself up together like voltron and just do it like nike, but don't piss off anyone who's trying to be nice, because they may end up leaving you high and dry when you need it. that said, while it may not be an excuse to go hang yourself in your closet, had i been in a similar situation, i would have been a bit peeved, like most others. however, the principle in this matter remains; you aren't supposed to spit on people offering you help. even then, it *is* a good habit to ask, especially if the person appears capable of handling the situation. |the kid|

63: yeah I remember seeing some dumb bitch talking to this guy in a wheelchair really loudly and slowly, then getting a packet for him which was right under his ******* hand. It's no wonder people are grumpy sometimes.

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Were you standing on his lawn? Generally most old people are assholes after they come to terms with the fact the grim reaper is probably standing pretty close behind them. No need to get distraught about it.

I would do the same if I was old and in a wheelchair. "you kids get off my grass!!"

This is where you let the door close on him.