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Agree with 3 even though I'm replying to #1 to be on top

half my comment dissapeared. The last part I said was help him out because he needs it. Then I told a bad joke, I'll leave it out.

  oogyboogy  |  6

well you shouldn't have gotten in his way, NOW GO DO MY LAUNDRY!!!

  Tweety122888  |  0

never help old people they are all just a bunch of ungrateful bastards who think they are better than our generation I would have let the door slam on him or said something back to him like fuck you or something

By  sallen0046  |  4

You've learned an important life lesson. Sometimes, no matter if you have the best of intentions, people just don't want your help. Ask first, it saves you a lot of trouble in the long run.


This is an excellent point. I've had mobility issues and independance is very important when you actually *can* do stuff on your own. There are few excuses to ever be rude, disabled or not, but when you're disabled the anger and shame is sometimes close to the surface. You can't really understand it till you've been there; the elderly aren't exempt from embarrassment, and they aren't very respected in our society anyway. Besides, you wouldn't believe how prickish and condescending people can be with their "help" sometimes. Who likes to feel pitied?! When someone's patrontizing you for something you could do easily if they'd just let you, it's nearly unbearable.

OP, though well-intentioned, may indeed have been hindering more than helping. Again, the senior shouldn't have been rude, but I can empathize with him. And you're right-- you should ALWAYS ask if you can help, unless the person is seizing or something.

  TheNewGuy03  |  28

yeah, i'm no old guy, but you can say i've had my share of being pitied. the trick is to gather yourself up together like voltron and just do it like nike, but don't piss off anyone who's trying to be nice, because they may end up leaving you high and dry when you need it.

that said, while it may not be an excuse to go hang yourself in your closet, had i been in a similar situation, i would have been a bit peeved, like most others. however, the principle in this matter remains; you aren't supposed to spit on people offering you help. even then, it *is* a good habit to ask, especially if the person appears capable of handling the situation.

|the kid|

  charvisioku  |  22

63: yeah I remember seeing some dumb bitch talking to this guy in a wheelchair really loudly and slowly, then getting a packet for him which was right under his fucking hand. It's no wonder people are grumpy sometimes.

By  ArtIsResistance7  |  1

Were you standing on his lawn? Generally most old people are assholes after they come to terms with the fact the grim reaper is probably standing pretty close behind them. No need to get distraught about it.