By Angsty_Armadillo - 28/06/2016 09:36 - United States - Essex

Today, while trying to go to sleep, I could hear snoring from my boyfriend's side of the bed. I'm not sure who was louder, him or the dog. FML
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Holy crow after 7 years I finally get posted! Even though it was on an email I never use.. But I thought I would share a little somethin somethin with you guys. I have tried ear plugs but they cause blockage in my ears. Also to the people who say I shouldn't let the dog sleep with us. Have you tried keeping a 1 year old pit with seperation anxiety in a kennel or simply out of the room? You can pick up the tattered remains of my living room. It's just one of those things you gotta deal with when you have a SO and a dog that snorts loud even when awake. PS I snore loud as fuck too my boyfriend is just a heavier sleeper! :D

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Snore even louder than both of them. Become the alpha.

Ear plugs do wonders.


Snore even louder than both of them. Become the alpha.

Yes. Domination

Snoring drives me near the point of insanity..I'm gonna be so screwed if my future husband snores

I just adjust his head. then when I tell him about it. He denies ever snoring.

It's one of those things that doesn't begin to truly drive you crazy until you've settled into the marriage. I know exactly how OP feels. There are nights my Xolo and I move out to the couch because my husband and his hound are snoring like chainsaws. The husband prefers to sleep on his back, his loudest sleeping position, and the hound likes to smash his face up against the wall so that his chin is pressed to his chest. Our living room and bedroom share a wall and I can often hear BOTH of them over the tv. However, for future reference, for a heavy sleeper, a good hard poke in the ribs does more than just make them stop for a minute. It is enough to make them actually shift positions without waking them up.

Ear plugs do wonders.

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There are nose-clips for that these days. Find the most comfortable ones for your husband. Let the dog sleep in another room or a doggie bed outside your bedroom door.

The dog has seperation anxiety and she either tears shit up when alone, or she literally screams and whines in the kennel even with a comfy bed and toys. As for nose clips my SO can't sleep with anything on his face. Trust me, we've tried.

Sounds like a in house airport to me--- 747 cleared for take off- incoming Boeing 707 use runway couch It's better when you fall asleep first

I'm sorry but I can't have any sympathy for people that let their dog sleep with them.

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I know this isn't an option but you're probably the loudest.

I wouldn't doubt it!

OP's name is the best part of this.

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I am married and have a French bulldog. This FML spoke to be on a spiritual level.

I miss read this as hubby snores like bull dog

Proud owner of a pit! :) I've never heard a dog snort so much in my life. She's gotten the nickname 'Miss Piggy'

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That's awesome! I call mine Piggy Smalls!

my wife says the same about me and our dog.