By Anonymous - United States
Today, my boss fired me for dating a co-worker. There's no policy forbidding it; he just thought it was unfair that I could get with the "hottest girl who works here" but he can't. I live in an at-will employment state. FML
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  redneck0328  |  5

that's what sucks Bout north carolina I can get fired cuz my boss doesn't like my hat. he can easily say take it off but if he wants he can fire me. bullshit I tell you

  mudkipsan  |  19

"At will" means they can fire you for no reason, or absurd reasons, but not for being part of a protected class. While OP doesn't fall into that category, they both probably have a reasonable case for harassment. A women you employ won't fuck you, so you fire her boyfriend? That's a hostile environment.

  Decodedman  |  1

At will = you can be fired for any reason that is not in violation of the state's labor law

Right to work = you can't be required to be in a union to work.

Both are measures that give companies more power, reduce protections of workers, under "empowering" sounding titles.

  MrSassypants  |  32

OP-"Hey boss can I borrow your key to your office?"


OP-"Ah just wanna see something."


OP-"And unless you want an awkard moment don't walk in until 45 minutes later."

Boss-"45 minutes?"

OP-"Yeah I last pretty long."