By Anonymous - 03/07/2011 16:21 - United States

Today, my boss fired me for dating a co-worker. There's no policy forbidding it; he just thought it was unfair that I could get with the "hottest girl who works here" but he can't. I live in an at-will employment state. FML
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musicalmaggs 0

damn, at least you got the girl.

heartbrakej 0

send him the sextape


kimboyett 0

sue em

"At-will employment".

thatdesertdude 7

can't sue in at-will states, you can be fired without any good reason.

MissMittens 0

nice arm #1

lucy331 0

what's an at will?

changetheworld 0

you can get fired for no damn reasonn.

changetheworld 0

you can get fired for no damn reasonn.

KingGeorgeGal 12

Your boss is a jealous dick, enough said.

at will employment state are the key words

redneck0328 5

that's what sucks Bout north carolina I can get fired cuz my boss doesn't like my hat. he can easily say take it off but if he wants he can fire me. bullshit I tell you

that sucks donkey scotum :/

that's why I'm in a trade union to stop treatment like that

"At will" means they can fire you for no reason, or absurd reasons, but not for being part of a protected class. While OP doesn't fall into that category, they both probably have a reasonable case for harassment. A women you employ won't fuck you, so you fire her boyfriend? That's a hostile environment.

felah17 6

What's the difference between "At will state, and a "Right to work state??

yea, you have a good case for sexual harassment, if that fails, burn the place down

ppatty 0

beat the shit outa him lol

TheRealBruce 12

oh heyyy! 36 I know you;)

Decodedman 1

At will = you can be fired for any reason that is not in violation of the state's labor law Right to work = you can't be required to be in a union to work. Both are measures that give companies more power, reduce protections of workers, under "empowering" sounding titles.

i would send you a message if i knew how, teach me(:

At will yes ask any HR manager they will disagree.

Where you can get fired for no damn good reason

musicalmaggs 0

damn, at least you got the girl.

not without cash he doesn't

LilSideTwerk 0

now I ain't sayin she a gold Digga! (kanyes voice)

Boss had a job but lost the girl, OP got the girl but lost the job. Oh the irony I guess you just can't have everything afterall.

Jamie Foxx sings that part... :)

Umm, no he doesn't...

actually jamie foxx sings the high part at the start and that line isn't in the high part...

jkfutter 0

69 thumbs up!!!

meggs2209 0

sorry. some people are just douches.

maiimpressivetit 0

true fact :/

what an ass. you still got the girl.?

Jealousy's the ugliest trait. /: *bbm not interested face.*

Mau5Trap 0

way to quote Keri hilson

LOL, I was wondering where I heard it! Thanks. (;

Mau5Trap 0

haha np :]

Tap her than you'll feel better:)

heartbrakej 0

send him the sextape

very nice. "oh, it's a gift." |the kid|

ifailplzinsultme 0

Want revenge? Do her in his office!

gabe2014 0

no if he wants revenge he should bring her lunch and then make out a little >:)

OP-"Hey boss can I borrow your key to your office?" Boss-"Why?" OP-"Ah just wanna see something." Boss-"Ok." OP-"And unless you want an awkard moment don't walk in until 45 minutes later." Boss-"45 minutes?" OP-"Yeah I last pretty long." Boss-"What!?" OP-"Nothing!"

ifailplzinsultme 0

30 your a winner:)

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Says the 12 year old using all caps.

ifailplzinsultme 0

Excuse my error. But I honestly don't care if I used the wrong your/you're.

ifailplzinsultme 0

46- If that was directed at me then well you're right. I'M A HAMMER! Two can play at the all caps game.

zachattack112492 4

your the tool used in that awesome video 3 guys 1 hammer?!?!

MidnightBlossom 2

Dude....highly uncalled for.

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You get the title of being "stud" sir.

Go have sex with her, and revel in the fact that your boss won't be doing that with her.

The boss can't have her if she's pregnant!