spicybasement tells us more.

I said I'll check with my manager and she looked at me like I had 3 heads. We didn't end up making it but he had 4 orders of crispy chicken patties instead.

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At Burger King he'd have gotten it his way!

Maybe the doctor didn't specify the purpose of his salad.


Must have been an American tourist...

Thanks for mentioning that stereotype #1

That's true. I sometimes forget that every single unhealthy person in the world lives in America. /sarcasm/

I'm an American and I thought it was funny. I'm assuming this person didn't actually mean it, especially since the user name is "surroundedbycorn". that sounds like a mid western kind of user name.

I agree with #13

hehehe i thought it was funny too

I'm offensive and I thought this was American.

You're my new favorite person of the week

some like it fried

really think an american would even take a salad? (sarcasm, go and google it)

We Scottish people deep fry everything, too.

Maybe the doctor didn't specify the purpose of his salad.

In America, everything is deep fried. Everything.

Especially at State Fairs.

Except this is in Canada.

#29 so it falls in to North America

Not the same at all 31

But it's not a part of the States, which is considered America.

Deep fried beer. In little ravioli things.

At least he didn't ask you to toss his salad.

Is there no limit to the things people will try to deep fry?!

hey at least he tried to be healthy.

And failed horribly

In America, no. It gets extreme at state fairs and the rodeo.

As far as I know, if people eat it, state fair folk will deep fry it. Or try. Yes, this includes ice cream. Or so I've heard. Never seen the real thing but...

deep fried butter

Hey man, deep fried ice cream is amazing.

I know they deep fry ice cream (which doesn't even make sense to me) they deep fry pickles and zucchini too. You can pretty much deep fry anything.

I think if you deep fried dog kibble people would eat it.

some people eat dog food not deep fried

At Burger King he'd have gotten it his way!

This was my favorite comment on this post. I chuckled, so a personal thank-you is in order.

I fail to see how deep frying a salad is at all a good idea

"I'm watching my weight, so I'd like a salad. Oh, and can you deep fry it for the extra flavor? And a diet coke please."

Did you end up deep frying the salad?

how deep was it fried?

Well the real question is did you deep fry the salad