By Anonymous - 17/06/2012 08:50 - United Kingdom - Manchester

Today, my boss gave me a new assignment at work: go online and look for my own replacement, then interview him. FML
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stepgurl2011 0

Get the worst possible replacement you can!

cradle6 13

Find the worst qualified people to interview, and then don't hire anyone. While you're doing this, look for a new job. What's your boss going to do? Fire you?


At least he trusts your decisions in the work place?

randomthing 22

That must really suck. Good luck with finding something better.

That's like digging your own grave...

Just send him a flower arrangement that says: "Fuck you". And then below that: "and fuck your family". Then shit on Deborah's desk and leave.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Judging just from the way he's being fired, I'd say it wouldn't be too difficult to find something better than that.

Am I the only one who thought the OP may be getting promoted and therefore need a replacement for his old job? Or his boss could just be a complete jerk...

No 47, I thought that too. Not unusual to hire and train your replacement in order to get promoted.

blcksocks 19

Take your own sweet time to find the replacement. You know, until you find another job.

Yeah, but OP can just decline everyone from the job. Right?

cajekraze 7

Find the best person you can. This was used as a step to determine my eligibility for a promotion. Do it right, they wouldn't have you do something that could screw them

It could very well be a promotion. I wonder if OP asked... Well if it was, I hope OP didn't do anything stupid.

So, when are you hiring?

I agree that it sucks but at least you know what's going on and have some time to find another job. Possibly, your boss is about to give you a better/higher position and just wanted to mess with you while he/she still can?

stepgurl2011 0

Get the worst possible replacement you can!

I imagine her boss begging for her to come back.

Him* + his* The world has two genders: females and males.

Trisha_aus 15

But in this case it tells us that OP is indeed a male!

Yes recommend the interviewee that's a complete ignoramus

44- You forgot hermaphrodites.

Hermaphrodites don't have their own gender. That is determined by a 'y' chromosome, or lack there of.

XXY chromosomes can exist ...

dellis44 7

So then just don't do it. If're jobs in jeopardy, start looking for a new one quick!

p3mguin 7

Yeah, say you don't have a replacement yet, but will soon.Spend your time looking for a new job. Half/half

That's just...fucked.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

You don't say?

Ohhhhh so that's what it's considered... Thanks!

when i read the FML i saw it in 2 ways. 1) the same way everyone else is ie. what a terrible boss or that sucks. and 2) you get a replacement cause you just got promoted. itd be nice if it were the 2nd one.

cradle6 13

Find the worst qualified people to interview, and then don't hire anyone. While you're doing this, look for a new job. What's your boss going to do? Fire you?

Honestly, I am uncertain of if the boss is really just being an ass or just trying something out. Frankly, I'd pull the same trick if I were the guy's boss, but only to check if the guy is qualified enough for a higher function. Yes, I know some bosses really are assholes and actually expect you to find a replacement for your own spot, but, please, do bear in mind that, if the poster's boss really wanted to replace him, he would do the interviews himself. I mean, if the poster does a crappy job how the hell would he be able to know the qualifications for his job and how the hell would he be able to pick the perfect employee for his own position?

could you imagine if he was up for promotion and took the advice of idiots like you? Would be pretty embarrassing when he got fired because he listened to people that were on the internet instead of doing his job and getting that promotion. Now, I am not saying that is what will happen, but neither of us should assume that he is getting fired or promoted or anything. It is a possibility and Nothing more, so keep your opinion to your self and wait for the OP to reply to his own comment.

inkedav 8

Damnnn. Find a terrible replacement. :)

inkedav 8

Don't you love when you think your the first person to write something and come back and realize 50 ppl said the same damn thing. f-MY-l..

Just tell him none are qualified for the job, and emphasize that you are.

PYLrulz 17

That's where you say "Fuck you, I quit!" Honestly though, that sucks, give them the worst possible replacement

and chance missing a promotion? The op didn't give enough info for anyone to assume he is being fired. What if he should get a promotion and you idiots told him to quit or find the worst replacement possible. He would definitely be screwed then. Just because you read it the way you want, and his boss PROBABLy didn't give him details past finding the replacement, doesn't mean it is what either of you assume.

Yourheadache 19

well if it was for a promotion it wouldnt be on FML.

Unbweavable 17

Go online & look for a new job...then quit without hiring anyone

And hire a transvestite hooker with herpes to go to his office.

Unbweavable 17

Flipn awesome ?