By leahneedssleep - 11/07/2011 10:53 - Canada

Today, trying to make a good impression and be helpful, I volunteered to look after my manager's cat while she moves house. The cat hasn't stopped meowing since he got here this evening, it's now 4 am and I have work in the morning. FML
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That's a little fucking adorable.

Put music on & wear headphones. There you go.


Put music on & wear headphones. There you go.

SunDropGirl 0

this reminds me of the movie my boss's daughter! so funny

Or you can just give it some bud.

I like chicken I like liver meow mix meow mix please deliver.

he's just wants some food right meow!!


duct tape. nuff said...

Denikk 0

Kill it.

last time I did that I woke up with sore ears

* you mean you have work 'today'

do I smell an excuse for not going to work tomorrow?

put the cat somewhere else where you can't hear it. :)

That's a little fucking adorable.

katiekatie412 4

Yeah OP should just cuddle with it... RIGHT MEOW! (:

Do I look like a cat to you? Am I jumping from tree to tree all nimbly bimbly? Am I drinkin milk from a saucer? You stop laughing right MEOW!

at least you have an excuse to come late for work...?

lock it in the basement

A7X_LoVeee 10

Snuggle with the kitty. Maybe he/she just wants attention. Or hungry.


or duct tape it to a chair and stuff it in the closet! :D

Woah. Woah. Woah. Little extreme. And besides, OP is from Vancouver, in CANADA, the nicest country on Earth. The worst thing a Canadian can say is that the roads are closed.

Psh i'm from Canada too and we are starting to resemble our big brother U.S.A more everday :)

speak for yourself!

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4-exactly Wat I was thinking(: n 17- if we had more ppl like u in the world everything would die :/

2 words, Vancouver riots. some bad eggs there

Im from Boston...Umad?


58- hahaha, thats probably true...

55 - No, just no. Dear God, at least I hope not.

mrredkneck 2

just pet it

Give him catnip. Cats love it and he'll love you for it.

it's like weed for cats

It sucks to be you, but that's the price for ass-kissory.

meow meow lol but seriously just put cotton in your ear or something else like earplugs or music...

Fyl Op. Cats never shut the fuck up, especially when you're trying to sleep. This is why my cat is now an outdoor cat.

fthku 13

Yeah, #44, it sucks when owners who know nothing about animals decide to raise them, do it wrong, and then blame it on the pets. I feel ya.

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I admit, my comment was a bit harsh. I've had many cats in my life who I've enjoyed very much. I've had this cat for three years and up until 6 months ago, he always wants to be outside and only comes around to eat and sleep. My other cats were loving and liked being inside so maybe I'm bummed. *sigh* Even so, I still make sure he has plenty of food and water waiting when he comes around. Ok I'm done venting. :)

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I'm gonna go with YDI for kissing up your manager's ass. I doubt that your manager will even consider that 'helping him cat-sit while he moves houses' as a reason for promotion.

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No but it might help. It says something about her personality and that MIGHT help out in the future. You reap what you sow