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By jobless - 13/09/2015 14:07 - United States

Today, a guy came into my gas station, showed me the gun on his hip, and asked me to kindly empty the register. My asshole boss claimed afterwards that because we live in an open carry state, and because the guy didn't point the gun at me, that there was no actual robbery and I just gave him free money. FML
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Your manager is an idiot. Period. Fyl OP.

Better not to work for someone who values money more than your life


Your manager is an idiot. Period. Fyl OP.

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OP I hope he fired you so you can sue them for everything. Your life and safety is much more important than the gas station cash.

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corky1992 33

He fired the person? Sounds like an asshole to me if he fired them because they got robbed.

Read it again. The boss "claimed" It speaks nothing on actual law. The boss assumed. Just like you assumed. KCCO

What makes him an a-hole is the fact that his manager is accusing him of giving away money when OP's life was in danger. It doesn't matter if you live in an open carry state or not. Every gas station I have ever worked at/been into has had a law stating that you may not bring any weapons into the store.

Depending on how the man brought attention to the fun it could count as brandishing a weapon. For instance, if it was lightly obscured or in a holder clipped tightly, and he unclipped the holder or intentionally brought more attention to it, then that is a very clear threat of use. Either way, he had a gun and asked for the money. Better safe than dead.


Proper gun handling states that you NEVER brandish your weapon. You should wear clothing and behave in a manner that does not draw attention to the fact that you are carrying a weapon. The biggest thing of all is that you NEVER show aggression, or escalate an argument. The man walked in to a public area (most likely one that has a sign stating no weapons) strike 1. The man showed OP his weapon (bringing attention to his gun/brandishing) strike 2. the man then asked OP to empty the register (A statement made by the majority of robbers other than give me all your money) Strike 3. I would've pulled my weapon and either held him for police or shot him with the gun he never saw that I had because that's the whole damn point. The man was CLEARLY a threat and OPs boss (if he had been mine) would've had HR called if there was one, and if there wasn't I would've sued.

I wonder if the guy actually asked for the money, or if the OP just saw a gun and pussed out - blanking out and just handing it over. The guy just thought, "Hey, free cash.", and walked out.

ChadHelton 8

an idiot who never heard of a note job.

You say, "...the gun he never saw, because that's the whole damn point." But if he had seen your gun, he might have not tried to rob the store in the first place. So, maybe not the whole point.

Better not to work for someone who values money more than your life

Definitely agree with #2. If he keeps giving you crap about it, it may be smart to look into a different job. If something similar happens again you don't want them putting your life on the line.

I guess SpongeBob didn't get that memo.

That is one brainless of a boss. Sorry OP.

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Every place I've ever worked at has always told me to give the thief what they want because a life is more important. I guess this boss didn't get the memo.

You really want to stay at job where you're threatened by customers and your boss is a retard?

Considering his username, it seems like he doesn't work there anymore. Although I'd like to know whether he quit or was fired due to handing out the money.

cooltatgar 31

I posted this one by mistake Check my other comment, #9

Your boss is a horrible person. Your safety is worth more than any amount in a cash register, and he should acknowledge that.

clearly his boss doesn't care about the employees

Ask him how he would react to being threatened by someone with a gun. What a jerk! Sorry you had to go through that OP

Well someone asking politely isn't really threatening...

@17 Have someone show you a gun, ask for your money and not feel threatened.

He wasn't asked kindly, he was asked "to kindly" empty it

corky1992 33

So was he supposed to risk saying no and hope the guy wouldn't shoot him?

17 - it is when you point at your gun, imying you will shoot them...

Feeling threatened and being threatened are two completely different things. As stupid as it may be, there is no way to prove that the guy was going to actually use the gun, especially if it is legal to openly have one in his state.

I'm not saying OP was wrong in giving him the money, hell I would too, but the boss is basically correct, at least in his explanation not in firing OP, and I doubt the police would actually be able to do anything.

thats right, emptly it kindly, dont want that money hurt now ya hear! jeeze poor op. fyl man.

#114 it doesnt matter. the way the law is written is that op believed he used the gun as a threat. its still considered armed robbery. same thing applies if you use a fake gun or tell them you have a gun when you dont

It has more to do with the actions of the robber than the actions of the victim. And since the robber did not use or act like he intended to use the weapon, nor did he forcibly take the money, it's not punishable as armed robbery. Even with fake weapons they have to make some sort of threat with it. There are no laws that are punishable at the discretion of the victim. And that's the way it should be, because then it would be much too easy to set people up for crimes or for people to get away with things. Not to mention police brutality would become a norm ("I saw what looked like a gun in his pocket so I shot him"), and I don't think anybody wants the entire country to end up like Ferguson

Except anyone with an ounce of common sense would look at this and know that he did, in fact, threaten with a weapon. He emphasized said weapon and gave a command. Instead of paving the path for a loophole with golden bricks, how about we stop pretending an obvious threat wasn't a threat?

He didn't give a command, he asked a question. And I'm sorry if you think it is stupid, but common sense and inferring things from a situation doesn't play any part in law enforcement and court cases. They deal purely with the facts of a situation and if there aren't enough of those there's really nothing they can do.

He also didn't emphasize the weapon, merely pointed out that he had it. The country would be a terrible place indeed if merely showing someone that you have a weapon was considered a threat.

so if i walked up to you with a knife and asked nicely for all your money you wouldnt feel threatened and i shouldnt be arrested?

It must be hard for your boss being that stupid

that's actually natural stupidity... so it comes easy to the OPS boss

cooltatgar 31

So if he had pointed the gun, it would have been "paid money"!!

your boss is a douche!... sucks that he thinks that way. I wonder if he had been in your position if he would think the same?