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Tonight, on Asshole Bosses…

Today, I went to pick up my last paycheck, since I was fired last week. My boss said he wasn't going to give it to me. I told him it's illegal not to, and he told me with a shit-eating grin, "What are you gonna do? Arrest me?" FML
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  MitiMiki  |  16

The police can't do anything. It's a civil matter. Report him to the labor board and file a small claims suit. It didn't say where he was, but legally in California, if you are terminated, you must be given your final check before you are escorted out the building.

By  guiltyschuldig49  |  12

I would go back and inform him that if he does not give you your last paycheck, you will file a complaint with the labor board. Let him know he will be fined and possibly have to pay you more such as unpaid vacation or sick leave that otherwise you wouldn’t be entitled to if it goes to court. State labor board will sometimes award you that in court as part of the owners penalties. If he still refuses, file the complaint and let the board know you tried twice to get your final pay. Don’t let this go. As with any issue or crime committed that people don’t report because they just want to move on or think it doesn’t matter, letting him get away with that means he’ll be free to do it to the next person. He’s likely done this before and no one has reported it.

By  0neiros  |  14

Whoa, I had almost this literal same scenario minus the Call the cops bit, he just said "Get the fuck out of here, you ain't getting shit, this was around 1996. I left and went to my best friends Filled him in on the whole ordeal, and we hashed out a plan. We went back, and went in his office, shut the door, my friend stood in front of it, there were no windows. I told him "This is my friend Bob. Bob likes you and wants to fuck you in the ass until you start to come apart. I think I'll let him, unless you can give me a reason not to." My friend looked at him and just said "Pretty." My friend is 6'5, 500 lbs (227kg) My EX boss, white as a ghost now, Yanked out a blank Payroll check, filled it out with what was owed, plus about 10% extra. I took it and said "Thank you for no unpleasantness." we left and with the extra got beer and pizza and laughed our asses off the rest of the evening. I haven't talked to Bob in a while, I think I'll call him and reminisce.