By Anonymous - 07/02/2016 07:49 - United States - La Mesa

Today, while working third shift alone at a gas station, I had to deal with a crazy guy tripping balls and asking me if it was okay to bring a gun into the place. I don't get paid nearly enough for this. FML
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He probably did and It'd probably go like this. Hey man can I come in to this store with Betsy? Who's Betsy, your dog? Nah, it's my lovely 12 gauge shotgun. No Oh come on, please? I'm sorry sir I can't allow you to bring firearms to this store. :c

Only if he doesn't bring any bullets. ;)

Sorry op! Ask your boss for a raise!

Well at least someone's gunning for your job

Yeah I would definitely be careful. At least he asked. Maybe ask for a change in shifts?

Someone is going to have to do that shift. I don't see why OP should let other people do stuff they aren't willing to do themselves.

I mean, if he asked if it was okay, wouldn't that probably mean he didn't plan on using it?