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Today, one of my regulars came up to my car in the parking lot. We talked through the window while I put on my makeup. He then asked for a hug because he won't be in for two weeks. I obliged and he was kind enough to slide his hand between my legs. He then gave me $50 not to tell his wife. FML
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witchybaby89 tells us more.

To answer a lot of questions, I'm a truck stop waitress not a prostitute or stripper. He's a truck driver who has been a faithful customer for two years and has been handsy before but never to this extent. I took the money to my manager and they're looking over video of the parking lot and my restaurant.

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I thought she meant one of her regulars as in she's a prostitute

Perv... Tell his wife... And the cops.


Perv... Tell his wife... And the cops.

I'd be fine with it if it happened to me. Free 50 bucks...

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She's been sexually assaulted. Clearly she's not "fine" with it. Sexual abuse is not "fine".

Well she did say "gave me" implying she accepted them, so...

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#68, that's a dumb way to look at it. When people say "he gave me a black eye" do you think they just accepted it? Or "they gave me an STD." Not everyone asks for horrible things to happen. She was sexually assaulted and there's no if, ands or buts about it.

#54, #46 wasnt saying sexual assult was fine in general, they were just saying that THEY wouldnt mind.

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Also, if not, tell the cops and his wife and get a freakin restraining order.

Never talk about it? She's been abused! That's the worse advice to give..

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Haha that shit made me laugh??

I know physical contact from a stranger is bad, but I don't think I'd call it abuse.

I hope you told him off never to try that again and slapped his face with the 50 note. What an ass. Sorry you had to go through that OP.

Well if it's at a bar then he might've been drunk... If it's at a cafe, well, then he's sober af and doesn't have a kinda valid excuse for roughing her inappropriately.

I thought she meant one of her regulars as in she's a prostitute

That's a little creepy. Not clear on what you mean on regular. I would at least let someone you trust know that happened. By the way, did you keep the money?

Ew. Something similar has happened to me and the first thing you should do, in fact, is tell his wife.

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i totally thought that meant prostitute but i have no idea

yeah exactly, even I thought she was either a stripper or a prostitute until I saw the comments where everyone is crying rape. btw, unrelated question.. if a prostitute is ****** without getting paid, then is it rape or stealing?

Doubt it. I'm a cashier at a grocery store and I have regulars. Just means customers who come in on a regular basis and particularly like to talk to me and/or specifically come through my line to see me, so I know them pretty well. I assume most jobs have their regular customers or clients who prefer one or two employees over the others.

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What kind of job do you have?

Bartender/waitstaff/barista/stylist. any of those use the term "regular"